Coral Bay Now

Hello everyone, and happy April! I don’t know about all of you, but I am happy that April is finally arrived, and I will be happier when it ends. 🙂 Hopefully this month passes quickly, so we are that much closer to returning to some sort of normalcy.

I know how much you all are loving our island videos. Earlier this week, we shared one taken in Cruz Bay. Well today, we’re sharing one that we took yesterday in Coral Bay. We filmed it around 4 p.m. using our GoPro. Just like Cruz Bay, Coral Bay is pretty darn quiet right now. We miss you all, but it’s necessary that you all stay away for the time being. I will certainly let you know as soon as it’s ok on our end for you all to return.

In the meantime, enjoy this five-minute cruise around Coral Bay. And for those of you who missed out Cruz Bay ride, you can click here to watch it.


6 thoughts on “Coral Bay Now”

  1. I know the island does not like to see it during the height of tourist season but except for the empty lot at Skinny’s, it reminds me of the summer season. Thanks for the video

  2. Thanks for thinking of all us and sharing great trips down memory lane. We’ll be back as soon as possible.
    George and Lynette

  3. Thank You so much for the wonderful videos. It is always a treat when you post them. Was that Budweiser Gary that you passed near the Fire station? Nice guy hope he is doing well.

  4. We’re supposed to be at Gallows Point this week; it pains us to think what we’re missing! We love checking in daily for your news and videos of beautiful St. John, thank you. Can’t wait to come back.

  5. Coral Bay is where we stay, so we have made that drive many times. Thanks for the memories. We will see you next year. Glad to hear that Skinny’s will reopen tomorrow. best to Rik and Ann if you see them.

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