Comfort food and deli in Coral Bay

Peggy Yolman and Tim Cummins have made it through their first two months.  The couple opened the Big Belly Deli at Cocoloba Plaza in Coral Bay in the middle of November, the better to kind of sneak up on high season – giving themselves time to figure out how things work. 

Open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days days a wee, the Deli offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and, of course, takeout.  Desserts, too. Their inspiration was to offer comfort food that their Mom made for them as kids, they told Crystal Bray of the St. John Sun Times.  Besides sandwiches like classic Reubens and hot pastrami on Rye, you can also buy deli meats to go from the display cooler. 

"It’s just like a regular, New York-style deli," Bray wrote, "and what you see is what you get."

4 thoughts on “Comfort food and deli in Coral Bay”

  1. Big Belly is also great for breakfast! We got there during the busy Christmas week and enjoyed the MOST delicious breakfast sandwiches. Definitely “comfort” food and served with a bouncy, toe-tapping dose of country music! Highly recommended.

  2. Next time I’m there, we will drop in… A real NYC deli cooks their own corned beef every day. Hope they do the same… Our family could live on deli’s… In Ohio, we drive 45 miles to get to Jack’s in Cleveland to have a three inch sandwich. Best of luck in your operation…

  3. My fiance,another couple,and myself have booked a villa for this coming April on the Coral Bay side of the island,so we’ll be sure to check it out! We land the 19th,and that sunday,the 20th, is not only her birthday,but also a full moon. Any ‘on-island’ suggestions as where to make the most of the occassions? We’re looking for something fun & casual-

  4. You have to try this place. It has to be one of Coral Bays best eateries, not only do you have the tradewinds sweaping through the open air building you also get a dose of home with country music blairing in the backround. Thanks Peggy we had a blst!!!

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