Book store sale pending

The island’s only bookstore may soon have a new owner. 

The store, located at the Marketplace, was listed for sale a couple months ago, because the business’ owners   would be making an employment-related move off island.   An employee reportedly told an author trying to place his book on the store’s shelves last month that the Book & Bean would "close soon." But now the Multiple Listing Service has a "Sale Pending" tag on the offering.  The asking price was lowered last month to $75,000.

Speaking of price cuts, the asking price for the Stone Terrace restaurant has been reduced to $575,000 from $650,000.  American Paradise is the listing agent.

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  1. WOW………..so many business’s up for sale. I did not know Albert and Lonnie wanted to sell Stone Terrace? Are they selling Fish Trap and St. John Car Rental to?

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