Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date!

Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date! 1

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! We have such great news to share with you all today! A reopening date has been announced for the campground at Cinnamon Bay! How exciting!

For those of you who have known and loved St. John for some time, you probably know that the campground at Cinnamon Bay was destroyed during Hurricane Irma back in September 2017. The campground has been closed since.

In May 2019, we learned that Tom Secunda – a part-time resident, philanthropist and cofounder of Bloomberg LP – took over the campground, was rebuilding it and planned to donate the proceeds back to the island once it reopened. Thank you so much Mr. Secunda for that!

Well construction hit a snag when asbestos was found in some of the sewer pipes. And then the pandemic happened. So that delayed the project too. But now it’s back on track and will reopen this year… woohoo!

A December 2021 reopening date was recently announced at the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park’s annual meeting. Such great news!

We took a little stroll over at the campground yesterday and took some pics to show you what’s happening over there. Please take a minute and check them out…

Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date! 2

Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date! 3

Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date! 4

Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date! 5

Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date! 6

It’s starting to come together, folks!

And here is a short beach video for those of you who are experiencing the arctic air up north… I hope this warms you up a bit!

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Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date! 7

20 thoughts on “Cinnamon Bay Campground Gets Reopening Date!”

  1. I will be visiting in April, do you know if there is a delivery service for essential food before our arrival? Looking to place a grocery order that can be delivered prior to our arrival that day.

    • Thanks for this update We we’re at Cinnamon Swimming 2weeks ago. When will reservations open? I intend to go there again. Love that place

  2. This is great news, I grew up on STT and spent many holidays camping at cinnamon bay. A lot of great memories and I’m excited for more to come

    • Congrats that’s wonderful news! I was lucky enough to experience bioluminescence in Cinnamon Bay…it was out of this world!!

  3. Cinnamon Bay is one of our favorite beaches! We saw the progress in October and excited that a target date is set.
    Melissa Cox, Starfish Market has a shopping & delivery service. Our house rental provided this service for us & stocked the refrigerator at about the same price. This was tremendous, not only due to Covid, but after long travels, we didn’t have to go to grocery immediately!!!

    • I couldn’t agree more! We always stay at GB, and having a fully stocked kitchen waiting when you walk through the door is worth the additional cost. Especially with the current flight schedules from Arkansas. We don’t land in STT until almost 4:00. We’ll hit the condo at 6, open a bottle of Manon Rose and relax. 🙂

  4. We love St John
    Have stayed at Cinnamon Bay many times. We hope to return soon. Can you tell me when we can hope to make a reservation?

  5. We are arriving this Sunday, at long last. Since CBC has been closed, we continue our annual March visit, staying in a second floor apartment with a patio overlooking Cruz Bay. We’re blessed to have found the spot, but after nine years of camping, we miss the social life, especially since COVID hit. So thank you for this great news, the dreamy video and your continued attention to what we want to know.

  6. Very excited to visit- had the pleasure of staying at Maho bay years ago and I really am so excited to revisit in near future!

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