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Kenny Chesney’s regret that his fans are "following me in droves" to St. John spurred chatter from readers this week. 

An unsympathetic posting sarcastically paraphrased the superstar, "Oh, boo hoo, I’m so sad that I’ve ruined a good thing."  Another pointed out that Chesney, who owns two houses on the island and is reported considering building a third,"encouraged high-profile pictures of his wedding and the locale … (and is) now lamenting his loss of privacy?" 

There were two comments in support.  One said, "People should just leave him alone.  A person needs time alone to regroup and slow down."  The other said, "Give him some peace and quiet.  Now he has to go into hiding in the place he calls ‘home’."

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  1. I understand that Kenny has no privacy even on St.John now, but he kinda did it to himself by releasing music written about the islands and the places he visits. Also he made it very public which island he was married on. I love ya Buddy, but you asked for all this attention.

  2. I am so sick of hearing of Kenny frekin’ Chesney. Please, stop with this guy. You would think he is the new face of the island. STOP,please we beg of you.

  3. How funny! I have been eager to visit the island after hearing his poetic discription of how beautiful things are on St. John on his newly released CD. Sounds like my kind of place……but I can understand how things might change after a few thousand folks like me come to the island for the same reason. Good for business though.

  4. I agree, can we stop talking about Chesney and start talking about the many wonders of this beautiful island! People have loved St John way before KC started talking about it. Please… Let’s all move on…

  5. “I want them to buy into the lifestyle, but there used to be a time I could dance on the bar and howl at the moon. There are too many cameras now.”
    Notice that he doesn’t seem to care that he contributes to wrecking it for others–there are “too many cameras” now. It’s all about himself. He can lock himself away inside his gated house. I despise this guy, the way he’s had to NAME, in his songs, the special, secret places that used to be found only by discovery. Ugh.

  6. Mr. and Mrs. Chesney reportedly ruined one of our nice rural towns in Connecticut by purchasing a home there too. Can’t seem to get away from those two. I guess there’s only one way to deal with it. Take a deep breath, increase those real estate prices and just keep the barbarians outside through skyrocketing property values. We all have our crosses to bear.

  7. I just returned from st john’s, my 3rd visit in 2 years. This visit too many people…..Are they all there for Kenny or too many who are now calling themselves “locals”….those who have moved there in the last few years…..My question to Kenny….what are you doing to help the hundreds of Katrina victims?

  8. What I would love to know is if Kenny Chesney has donated money to any of the desperate local causes on St. John. The stray and abused animal situation is horrible on St. John, and the Animal Care Center needs donations badly. The public education system in the Virgin Islands is severely lacking. The environment is gravely threatened from overdevelopment and lack of education, rules(or enforcement, at least) and planning. If any of you who read this decide to go to St. John, please remember this and contribute some of your vacation money to help the people and animals of the island. THANK YOU!

  9. Now come on.. are we green with envy? Are there not any people you admire? An actress maybe or singer? You are talking down about Kenny because the spotlight is getting to him.. I guess you are the only one who is allowed to have an opinion on his life then. why shouldn’t he be allowed to live there in peace? Is it his fault that some crazy fans follow him? Why should he be punished or talked about? He lives there and loves the island just as much as you do… are you the only one allowed to love it there? It seems to me he must appreciate it more because he is out there enjoying it while you sit here blabbing about how miserable it makes you. I say since you are the one unhappy MOVE!!!

  10. I totally agree with “Stephanie” above about him stating all of the names of bars, bays and places he hangs out at…maybe he should have thought about that before releasing the album…A family member of ours owns a luxury villa next to one of the “houses” Kenny Chesney rents… I’m no stalker, but when we’re there I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for him in these places! He’s usually grateful for the love his fans have for him and his music,and I hope he never loses that!

  11. My wife and I visited St. John for the first time in Aug/Sept ’06. We heard that Kenny was going to show up on the island so we extended our visit in hopes to see him. We did run into him and the crew at Woody’s down stairs from the Quiet Mon. Now I know he goes there for some down time but he still must expect fans to be there and want to say hi. My wife handed him a very nice and respectful note inviting him to step on over and say hi to some friends from Colorado. All we wanted to do was shake his hand and thank him for his hard work and the influence he has had in our life. Needless to say we were disappointed when he just walked right on by without even a quick hello. Oh well…I guess that’s to be expected but we still had a good time. Sorry if we upset you Kenny….it won’t happen again.

  12. All of you are awful- He is a very hard workin man, who works a good 9 months out of the year….he deserves an amazing place, such as st. john, to call home every long weekend or so to….so what if he has 2 houses, and is thinking about building another one….it’s really none of anyones business excpet for him and the workers who will build it for him. He comed to the islands to relax, unwind, and get away….isent that why you go there? or if you are lucky enough, live there!? leave the guy alone….He is a great guy.

  13. wanted to visit St John b/c of my love for KC but ya’ll make me want to change my mind. His music got me through some of the hardest times in my life.

  14. It is funny that artists crave to be famous and known for thier work then complain about being famous an known for thier work. I hope I never become a multi platinum HR Manager. It is already a hard enough job.
    As for everyone that lives in St Johns. Here is my suggestion. Get out of bed, look at paradise, and ignore Kenny Chesney. If his fans show up to see him, they are called tourists. Tourist buy things. Things give your economy money. Thus allowing you to get our of bed and look at paradise. It is all a matter of perspective.
    There is also this problem with him owning two homes and building a third. If the problem is that too many people are ruining the mystic of St Johns, thank Kenny Chesney for building homes. Last time I check there is one Kenny Chesney, and he can’t live in all three houses at the same time. By owning three and living in one, he is reducing the number of permanent inhabitants, thus solving one of the many problems of living in paradise.

  15. I recently saw Kenny Chesney in Key West,Florida performing at Hog’s Breath Saloon. If he does for your island what Jimmy Buffet did for Key West with his songs, homes,and a recording studio your island be a bit wealthier and your souls will be a bit more quieted. He didn’t appear to be a weapon of mass destruction to any island. P.S. As a health care worker and a cheerful person I have much to bring to your island and I’ll trade anyone my wool sweater for your tropical wear any day to be there instead of in Ohio.

  16. Wow! I can’t believe all the negativity that I am hearing! You seem to forget, that because Kenny has come to love your island, he has put it on the map!! Plus if you are going to hate on celebrities, then you need to spread that to all the celebrities that live on the island. You negative people need to go drink some fire water and relax!!


  18. Oh Kenny, you found an island paradise you say and then give away all the little places not many but locals know. Now there are rumors that too many come only because you have painted a pretty picture. All I know is that I have always wanted to visit there long before I ever heard your music, but thank you for opening people’s eyes to such a beautiful place. If I ever make it there and should see you somewhere, I just extend a smile and a pleasant hello and keep on moving…we all need a little peace and quiet and a smile to share sometimes. To all of you who do reside in St. John, I hope that everything settles down and people just be…we all have opinions and that is good but lets just “hate” one another…this is just one aspect of famous people coming to your paradise…I am sure all things will smoothe over in time….wish I had the pleasure of enjoying your “paradise” daily, I am stuck in a Bay Area Town in CA that has now gone bankrupt and we are all just hanging on to make it here…too bad we don’t have one of the hospitals I work for in St. John….God Bless you all.

  19. In relation to kenny spending his off time down in the islands, where he can regain a peace of mind and still be inspired.I too can understand the frustration of not being a local and sometimes catching flack.I am a kenny chesney fan, long before he wrote songs about his current life style;back when he sung songs such as (grandpa told me so)! So in theroy as an artist changes so does his music! I moved with the company I work for to live near the ocean.This little town called Defuniak springs, Fl.Alot of local people and local hang outs to lay low if you are not from here!Like kenny there’s something about the ocean that moves me! So I drive 20 to 30 miles south of here on my days off, to the gulf of Mexico (destin or p.c beach) to regain my piece of mind! Georgia has to many demons for me and I’m never looking back! I like it here! I pretend this is the island I live on where no one knows my name!kenny chesney I am a fan, thank you for inspiration! Please continue putting out music that justifies you. Because I can always relate !

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