Thinking of coming on down?

MillipedI haven’t found too many blogs in the territory.  Only two, I think. One is "Welcome to Paradox," written by an attorney on St. Croix. (I’ve forgotten the other.)

The postings to Paradox have been sparse over the past few months, perhaps because it sounds like two years on ‘The Rock" have been enough for the writer, and he’s on his way outta Dodge.  The site’s worth reading for a sense of one person’s view of what it’s been like for him to to live and work in Paradise Paradox.

3 thoughts on “Thinking of coming on down?”

  1. O.K., so St. Croix is not my choice of islands either. However, it is once again proven that it takes a certain personality (lunacy) to live in the little lats. Perhaps the type of person who can actually enjoy Herman Wouk and an illogical existence.
    By the way, I think the author of the article may want to re-read the book after a trip to Water Island and St. Thomas.

  2. *ahem*
    And “he” is a “she”.
    But that’s okay. I was wondering where all these people were coming from the last few days.
    And she’s just glad the millipedes finally seem to be gone.
    p.s. The other one you’re probably thinking of is crucianchronicles.typepad.com. He doesn’t post much, though. I’ve not found many others, either. There’s a few I’m watching, but none of the authors post enough to merit a permanent link.

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