Chesney wants to sell another home

But this one’s not on St. John.  It’s in California. 

The LA Times reports the singer has listed his home in Malibu and is asking almost $8 million.  “The property includes an outdoor Italian oven and barbecue and a vineyard — all the better to keep the large temperature-controlled wine cellar filled,” the Times reported. “Lush gardens and lawns surround the mosaic-tiled infinity pool, and there are two guest houses.”

Stoneridge, the singer’s $14 million property on St. John, is also for sale.  The singer listed it just a few days before closing on the Malibu manse in February which he now wants to sell.

The Times added, “While on the island, Chesney is known to hang out at Woody’s Seafood Saloon, a rollicking Cruz Bay bar that features an outside pickup window for drink orders on the go. (Frommer’s calls Woody’s a "dive," but perhaps the aesthetics of the establishment are simply elusive to some.).

3 thoughts on “Chesney wants to sell another home”

  1. In interviews Kenny Chesney always says he is not a big city man, but I guess unbeknownst to us he was. I bet he has homes all ovr the world in Big Cities.?Like LA, New York, etc. It seems his fancy life style is really out of cinque with the lives of his fans. He says one thing ( or sings One thing) but really lives, feels, and does another. Too bad,I gues all he really needs is more money.

  2. He said he wanted to take surfing lessons, maybe he got out there and remembered why he did not want to move out that way, with all the FREAKS!!! Kenny is a small town guy. Where he grew up it’s very small and country.. That’s all he know’s.

  3. Looks like a beautiful place!!! Kenny, we met you in the islands and have felt a very close relationship ever since then. I know you have millions of fans but we hope to meet you again sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy the islands (just as we are) and hopefully we can meet you at one of your concerts or on a beautiful island in the Caribbean! It is a wonderful place

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