Ceremony launches VI ‘forever’ stamp

The Virgin Islands finally has its own commemorative postage.

The VI stamp was officially issued during the summer but it’s taken  until now for the VI Postal authorities to throw a party for it. Dedication was held Tuesday at the Ottley Post Office building on St. Thomas.

The stamp is one of six making up the last release of the five-year project called Flags of our Nation series. It shows the VI flag and a sailfish leaping while a fishing boat motors by.

The Inquiring Iguana is unsure whether the VI stamp can be purchased individually and not as part of the Series 6 set.  You can purchase the set online, six 45-cent stamps (also including state flags from Texas, Wyoming and Old Glory), for $22.50. (And the Post Office is losing money?)

3 thoughts on “Ceremony launches VI ‘forever’ stamp”

  1. 6 images, one is USVI, on a roll of 50 stamps..at .45 cents each..$22.00. A bargan! Support your local post office. Mail early and mail often….

  2. Take your commemorative stamp collection to a stamp show, and show it to several prospective buyers at once. Then sell the collection to the best offer. First, check to make sure that the stamp show is allowing the buying and selling of stamps. There may be a fee involved to acquire space at the show.

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