Something new for an old reliable

Skinny Legs, the iconic Coral Bay bar-and-restaurant, has always been a great spot to watch NFL games on Sunday.  (Especially if you're a Patriots fan. Lots of 'em hang out there.)

This next Sunday, it may be even better! Skinny Legs is proud to announce it's added a smoker. (WHERE on the island did it come from?) And so island-style tailgating begins next weekend.


Allan Clair immediately voiced a concern on Skinny’s Facebook page, saying “Use it properly and not as a grill.” In other words, he ‘splained, “Low and slow and real BBQ and you’ll do good. Joe’s in CB ain’t real Q.”

Skinny’s replied that Clair shouldn’t worry. “We certainly will (do it right)!!”

Clair’s criticism aside, an awful lot of people like Uncle Joe’s in Cruz Bay.  TripAdvisor and Yelp give the place great ratings.  While it may operate a bit on the fast-food-restaurant model, it’s hard to beat the bargain prices and the plates full of chicken or ribs.

5 thoughts on “Something new for an old reliable”

  1. Rubs with Salt as the first ingredient are not real rubs. Cut the salt, it is more healthy. taste the real meat do not cover it up !!!
    Ribs and Chicken can be done a little faster as in CB. The fact that he wraps them in foil and puts them in an ice chest allows the juices to stay in and penetrate to the bone.
    Butts and larger pieces of meat take the slow and low……..road. Now I’m hungry for some good BBQ !!!! What a shame I’m in Atlanta, Ga. !!! Enjoy you guys and gals….

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