Campus Girls’ St. John travelogues

You don’t have to be Sports Illustrated to get pretty girls to pose on a beach. 

Campus Girls USA has proved that by following in the steps of a last year's SI Swimsuit issue by gathering a bunch of coeds on the island an d taking their pictures in skimpy bathing suits. (Here's what SI produced on St. John last year: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/features/2008_swimsuit/onlocation/st-john/)

Trevor Debth, a Los Angeles photographer, is the brains behind this new venture.  The idea is to issue calendars of coeds from six NCAA athletic conferences.  “Every girl that models …plays an integral part  in the fund raising,” he explains. “They commit themselves to selling the calendars.  100% of the profits go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

The Campus Girls production team spent an month on St. John, as well as other islands, flying in girls for five days of shooting. Each of the photo shoots was  also turned into a video.  There were half a dozen sessions on St. John, and each video features the Campus Girls frolicking on the beach and offering their impressions of the island.

16 thoughts on “Campus Girls’ St. John travelogues”

  1. Great philanthropic effort & cause….just hope the extra exposure doesn’t turn our beloved STJ in to a ‘spring-break’ destination of choice & everything that comes along with that.

  2. Hmmm. The team spent a month on St. John, as well as two other locations. Who knows how much the expenses for this project were. So let me get this straight. You spend months in paradise cavorting with beautiful coeds, then give 100% of the “profits” to breast cancer research. Leaving aside the irony of that, this sounds like a pretty good racket. I’d like to spend a few months on STJ, so maybe I could come up with a similar plan. Maybe I could photograph some of the island visitors who prefer the clothing optional lifestyle. Then the “profits” could go to the Sucker Born Every Minute Foundation.

  3. Well, I think I’ve had enough of the changes in St. John. I loved it the way it was 20 years ago, and so…I am fully aware…islanders will say, “then you’re not wanted here anymore if you don’t like it.” I don’t like it. These young women, though they don’t even realize it, are prostituting themselves. “For a great cause”??? My mother is a breast cancer survivor, so do not try to tell me that I don’t understand. But I would NEVER have put my body on display like that for men to ogle over. There are way better ways to raise money to help fight breast cancer than to do soft porn modeling. When I vacation in “paradise” I don’t want to see the typical college coed behavior. Stanley S., you had a fabulous idea with Maho and Concordia…too bad the island’s development and personality didn’t stay with you!

  4. Now, now lori. Just so you know, my mother passed away from breast cancer.
    Why impugn his motives or the motives of the young ladies?
    I’m sure the island is safe from spring break and girls gone wild.

  5. yes, yes- sexism is alive and thriving in ‘Love City’..no ends justifying the means here..it is degrading for females to support the patriarchal model of women’s main role as sexual ‘objects’…
    c’mon women- you are your own ‘jailers’- I long for the hippy days when women lost their bras and let the hair grow where it will…

  6. Lee, I beg you to take back that statement. Not going back to those days. Nope, not going to do it. The picture I’m seeing is making me queasy.
    Nubile is good.

  7. Spring break in the VI means season break. Transients now spend the winters drinking from bar to bar working low level jobs. Just check the job application the bong boys put on their site.

  8. I’m hot enough to be one of those models but I would never sell my body like that. I’m sure this guy spent a small fortune making this thing happen…I’d guess there is about a 0% chance he’ll make that money back in sales. He’ll likely end up in the hole, with nothing going to help breast cancer. If he really cared he would have just given the money to charity to start with…but obviously charity was not this guy’s motive.

  9. Anon…nobody knows if this was profitable or not. Cruz Bay is “spring break” 24/7. I’m sure some of the retailers would appreciate the extra traffic. I lived in STJ for two years, its always a good feeling to see beautiful pictures of STJ up here in the cold of the Northeast.

  10. Think, though…THINK…retailers appreciating the “spring break” traffic? The retailers don’t make major money off of college spring-breakers, only the BARS do. Yes, they’ll buy a t-shirt, some trinkets. But the retailers that are in Cruz Bay and around the big resorts are after a wealthier clientelle, I think, in order to stay viable. Think college kids buy that expensive resort wear and jewelery? I think not.

  11. Are you kidding!!!???
    Against a bunch of hot chicks coming to STJ a bad thing because they are degrading themselves or bring in undesirables (IN YOUR OPINION)… get real.
    No one cares what you would do or wouldn’t do with your body – it is yours and you can do what you want. But to state what other people should do is just ridiculous – especially for an island that was overwhelming in favor of Obama {aka Liberal}. Sounds like as long as it fits your view then it is okay – that is very right-wing thinking…
    Maybe STJ should required women to wear burkas… (sarcasm…)

  12. so for those who stated things like “skimpy” and “prostituting themselves”…..every time then that someone has a picture taken in a bathing suit they are doing “soft core porn?”…..ok…thats just stupid, why don’t you just condemn everyone who goes to the beach or the pool? No one was naked, nothing was exposed that you don’t see routinely when people are in their swimsuits…don’t be immature. Its NOT sleazy what was worn and its not YOUR body. Yes there are many ways to raise money for breast cancer…this is ONE of them…and it just so happens that if you think about it swimsuit calendars bring in a lot of money especially from the male population…and many people who HAD cancer or knew someone who suffered or is suffering from it were VERY supportive…people of all varieties mind you.
    ….don’t judge something you know NOTHING about or people you know NOTHING about.
    thank you.

    Try not to take those rude comments too close to heart. I know it can be hard and even though you have every reason to be pissed off, the sooner you let it not bother you the better off you will be. The people making these comments are probably just jealous in the fact they don’t look like you or can’t talk to you. But one thing I’ve learned that has made my life easier is that you can never please everyone and there will always, ALWAYS be haters.
    Good Luck

  14. I have heard horror stories from most of the girls who have participated in these calendars of how the photographer tried to sleep with the girls once they are on the islands, peer pressured everyone into drinking alcoholic beverages, and then reported every single girl who had trouble selling all her calendars to collection agencies and refused to give any commission for all their hard work. This seems like an extremely appealing project to be a part of, but after interviewing girls who participated, it sounds like my worst nightmare. I know of one girl who even brought the guy to court based on everything that happened at the island – she won hands down. Seriously, ladies, if you are thinking of taking part in this, DON’T! It’s not worth anything but a headache.

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