Previous adventure of Coral Bay’s kayaking dog

A few weeks ago, Coral Bay was in an uproar because Shank, an island dog, had been lost. 

Last seen swimming for his life (literally) after his owner’s kayak capsized, he may have swum two miles before padding into Ivan’s Stress Free Bar on Jost van Dyke for a drink (of water). 

The St. John Sun Times’s latest issue has the full story, as well as another almost unbelievable story about the time the pup was dog-napped by tourists and taken to new Hampshire. Read it: http://stjohnsuntimes.com/dognappers

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  1. Glad Shank found his way home once again. I would guess he is going to stay close to home from now on. I am like Paz, if it were my dog I would fly anywhere to get my dog back with us.

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