Brothers want to sell catamaran business

AboutusOne of the island’s most successful charter boat businesses is for sale.  Lion in da Sun is listed on eBay with a price of $215,000.  The listing first appeared early in June, and was re-posted earlier this month.

"We have had a lot of interest in the business but mostly dreamers wanting to know more about the business and how it is run but not all that serious or qualified to run the boats," Co-owner Josh Slayton said in an e-mail.  However, he added, there are several interested buyers now and one may visit soon for a first-hand look.

Josh and Matthew, ideally, would like to help train new owners and then roll the proceeds of the sale into another business on island.  “We will not be leaving,” he wrote.  If they do not sell, he and Matthew will keep operating. “We have two very valuable boats and one of the best reputations on the island.” He added, the business is profitable.

Lion in da Sun handled 191 charters last year and, after adding a second boat, has made 203 trips this year.

Here’s the eBay listing.

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