New owner for Cafe Roma

After years of being for sale, Cafe Roma, a new owner for the Italian restaurant is on the way.  John Hiebert is the guy, according to a posting on Virgin Islands On-Line by a friend of ours, Xislandgirl, who passed along what she got from a friend of hers. 

Hiebert is originally from Trinidad, is married and has two children. "He is a chef, a great manager, and (a) very nice man," Xisland girl wrote.  Her source also said Cafe Roma will not change its menu for a while, until the fall when he’ll add some of his own recipes.

2 thoughts on “New owner for Cafe Roma”

  1. Johns wife is actually from Trinidad. John, raised in Connecticut, moved his family from northern Vermont to St. John to run the Cafe. Lets see….5 inches of snow yesterday in Vermont, 0 inches today in St. John! Wise move???

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