Blues Cruise returning to St. John?



Shipwreck Landing, 2011

The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise may be returning to St. John.


The ship full of musicians, party goers and music fans last docked off the island in the winter of 2011.  For a week, the blues were heard throughout the island, from Skinny’s at Coral Bay to the Beach Bar in Cruz Bay, and at all watering holes in between.

Now, there may be a reprise.  According to Joppa, on the Virgin islands On-Line forum.  He posted, “I went to a great Blues Festival this past weekend and the people from the Blues Cruise were there doing a promotion. They are returning to St.John in 2014.”

He didn’t get exact dates but was told the cruise itself was Jan. 19-26.

“I also ran into some people from Coral Bay at this blues fest,” Joppa added. “Turns out one of the guys was somehow connected to the family that puts on the Blues Fest.”

The Inquiring Iguana quuckly sent an e-mail to the genius behind what was, for nine years, the island's own music extravaganza, the St. John Blues Festival, Steve Simon.

"Hey, Steve, whadya know?  Heard anything about this?" No reply indicating he's heard a word about it.  But, Steve's a very smart guy.  And he loves the Blues. Stay tuned.


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