Beach Bar owner is going behind bars

The owner of the Beach Bar has been sentenced to 20 months in jail for willfully filing false tax returns and structuring, a strategy to evade the government taking notice of large cash transactions.  Allan MacPhee pleaded guilty to 20 such federal charges last fall, and has now been sentenced by the VI District Court. He was also ordered to pay $676,000 in fines forfeiture and restitution.

The government said he "omitted income he earned from his sole proprietorship, The Beach Bar … MacPhee kept two sets of books for The Beach Bar” thereby cheating on his federal and VI taxes. 

While MacPhee does his time, it’s possible he’ll be listening to some of his favorite CDs, which include tracks by Walter Hyatt and Willie Edwards.  Abut four years ago, an Allan MacPhee on St. John created a profile on Amazon.com and passed along some recommendations of those artists. 

Interestingly, in his review of the “King Tears” album, MacPhee writes … “I saw Walter the night before the crash at my bar in Key West.”  Hmmmm …. Crash, Key West?  Do tell!

Now, no one can condone what MacPhee admitted he’s done.  Running a bar can be a big cash machine and temptation is tempting.  But don’t overlook what MacPhee’s place has done for St. John and what his apparent love for music has done in providing a stage for many island musicians including the fantastic Steve Simon and the Jazz Islanders.

13 thoughts on “Beach Bar owner is going behind bars”

  1. I don’t condone what Alan has done, but the Beach Bar is a great establishment which I hope is there for years to come.
    I would imagine Cat is still around and they will continue to have great music and wonderful happenings

  2. I hope they don’t have to shut down the BB for those 20 months. that would be very cruel and unusual punishment, even in the VI’s. I mean cruel and unusual punishment to us, the customers….

  3. We all make mistakes. Alan is a good man and we surely shouldn’t lay judgement on him. He’s done a great job with the Beach Bar since taking over a failing establishment from Pussers. Let’s hope the 20 months is over in 10. The verdict left the Beach Bar untouched from what I could see in the court docs. Cat is a strong lady and I’m sure, though I really only met her this past January, that she be will up to the task of keeping the bar going.
    Dana (frequent visitor and St. John wanna-be..)

  4. One Criminal act leads to another, he got away for a while but they finally caught up to him. Do the Crime pay the Time, No sympathy on this end.

  5. What does the author of this article mean by the following quote “Hmmmm …. Crash, Key West? Do tell!”
    I’ve known Allan for probably 15 or so years now. I can explain what his post about the Walter Hyatt album on Amazon.com means. It’s actually a very poignant story if you’re interested.

  6. Yeah sure…great guy….convicted felon…hiding assets in Florida..Cheryl his ex CERTAINLY should know where the skeletons are…
    I’m taking my $$$ to establishments that do play fair like Fishtrap for the next 20 months…after he serves his time…the debt is paid…then I return…

  7. the bartenders are going next! those guys falsify 90% of their income! cheaters and liars should always be punished! CAN YOU SAY INTENSE AUDIT?

  8. I wasn’t offering sympathy here, merely some compassion for someone who made a mistake. All of you so willing to judge – tell me you’ve never violated a law or taken advantage of a situation. I won’t believe you. Yes, Alan violated the law – he’s paying for it. Lighten up.

  9. Iknew Allan well and lived with him for a good few years way back when he ran a bar in Nashville, safe to say Allan was a cheater back then- when he ran Hooters (cooked the books and many knew of it, including other Hooters mgrs) and also on his girlfriend, and his ex before that- Cheryl (wasn’t there two Cheryls?) he did drugs,and was involved with bad people there. his lifestyle finally caught up with him. Karma has its way of catching up to us doesn’t it?? some things never change even after 20+ years… “The devil went down to St. John- he was looking for a soul to steal.
    He was in a bind ‘cos he was way behind: he was willin’ to make a deal”…. to quote Charlie Daniels…”but if you lose the devil gets your soul”

  10. While Allan my have cheated the government, let’s remember that he treated all of us well. He provided employment, community, and friendship to me and my friends during our time on the island. Give him a break.

  11. Hi julie. Nice. I just read this for the first time. Yes i cheated on you and you cheated on me. Seems i also remember us moving to charlotte together after leaving nashville while i tried to keep us together. I prefer not to toss around bs the way you have though i am truly sorry that you still have such hate after all these years. You know nothing about who or what i am. I hope you are well. I am great. Peace

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