Bag search on St. John ferry

The U.S. Coast Guard ordered that suitcases, backpacks, purses and other luggage be inspected prior to being transported on ferries from Red Hook to Cruz Bay.  "It may be one in 10, one in five," said Kendrick Augustus, manager of Transportation Services, a ferry company.  He told the St. John Source that once passengers go through a security fence, some people will be asked to put their luggage on a table for inspection, or may be asked to open the bags for viewing. 

Lisa Durgin, a villa manager on St. John, called the screening unproductive.  She said, it’s like taking a ferry from New York to New Jersey.  "The whole Homeland security thing is out of control," she told the Source.

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  1. Lisa summed it up perfectly. The one thing missing from the continuing reaction to 9/11 is common sense. Sure it’s just another “minor annoyance”, but one day soon we’ll all look back at the sum of these annoyances and find that our freedoms have eroded to the point of no return.

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