Back in Action!

tap room stairs

We have some amazing news to share with all of you today – The Tap Room is officially back in business! How exciting is that??!!

The boys over at St. John Brewers have been working hard to convert what was supposed to be an office space for them into a new Tap Room location. It officially opened Monday morning and was hopping when we stopped by on Tuesday. The new location has a ton of tables, small bar area and outdoor area where you can people watch high above Mongoose Junction. Oh and most importantly, they have all 16 beers on tap and have a full menu. Yum!

The new Tap Room is located right beside the old Tap Room; however it has a different entrance. The new location is accessed via a set of interior stairs located next to the parking lot. They’re located beside Scoops and behind the Fabric Mill.

For those of you who may not follow News of St. John daily, the original Tap Room location was destroyed in a fire in late January. The boys plan to rebuilt a bigger and better Tap Room, but obviously that will take some time. So in the meantime they opened a permanent yet temporary location. Here are a few pics:

tap room outside

tap room inside

tap room beers

tap room menu

6 thoughts on “Back in Action!”

  1. coming down in late May and I can’t wait to see the new spot. Wish these guys were distributed in NY-we need to work on that!

  2. Congrats guys!

    I was really disappointed when I learned of the fire, especially as we will be back down there in a week. Now I see that you are already back up and running, woo hoo!

    Accomplishing this in under two months is really fast. When you consider it was done in two months of “island time” construction, it is doubly hard to fathom!

    Look forward to checking out the new digs soon.

  3. We were on the island when the fire occurred in January 2015 and were on our way to the Tap Room when we saw the smoke. Driving by, we saw the fire and firetrucks, and so many people trying to help. Had just been to the Tap Room a couple days earlier. Now we’re heading back in January 2016 and can’t wait to visit the new place! Good food, good beer, and good people!

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