New Fence Causing Quite a Stir

So yesterday when I was heading out to Salt Pond to hike up Ram Head, I noticed that a new fence being being built on the land beside Chateau Bordeaux. So I did whatever any little blogger would do … I posted a pic to Facebook ad asked people how they felt. 🙂

The image we posted to Facebook on Monday afternoon.
The image we posted to Facebook on Monday afternoon.

Well I have to say that I was completely overwhelmed by the response over on our Facebook page. Within just five hours of posting the pic, we received more than 260 comments and 24 shares. As of Tuesday morning, it was seen by more than 15,000 people. Overwhelmingly all were not happy by this fence being built.

We reached out to the people over at Chateau Bordeaux via their website but have yet to hear back. We also tried to reach them via Facebook, but that page was removed from the internet after we posted our picture.

It’s obvious that people are not thrilled about this new fence which appears to be constructed by the owners of Chateau Bordeaux, but it’s important to note that Hibiscus Jazz, the awesome little art and souvenir shop, as well as the jewelry store beside Chateaux Bordeaux are privately owned and operated. We actually wrote about Hibiscus Jazz last year and adore Ali Norton’s art and even have some here in our home. Click here to read a story on that.

In the meantime, please let us know in the comments section what you think. Or better yet, please vote in our poll…

41 thoughts on “New Fence Causing Quite a Stir”

    • Wow! What a ridiculous looking fence.
      I come once a year to the island and I always stop and have drinks and the kids get ice cream. Looks like we’ll need to find a new place for drinks with this kind of behavior.

  1. Wow! Thanks for spotting this. That is one of the iconic views of St. John, and it is hard to imagine why someone would want to gratuitously deny it to one and all. Best to communicate before judging, though. It is remotely conceivable that the owners had experienced a series of accidents from cars parked there in the roadway, enjoying the view, but surprising other vehicles whistling around the hairpin turn. Let us know what you find. How was Ram Head?

    • If I were a taxi driver, I would put a 60″ flat screen TV on my vehicle. I would stop at Chateau Bordeaux so the passengers could visit the gift shop while I wirelessly connected my TV to the Esprit Villa webcam. I would then tell everyone that this is the view they would see if the restaurant owners weren’t douche bags. But, that’s just me. 🙂

  2. I agree with Kevin. After the property owner blocked the view further up the road by planting bamboo, the taxi tours started stopping in the middle of the road so passengers could see the view. Cars had to go around the taxis on this blind curve.
    Also, the owner wants people to come into her restaurant and buy food in order to see the view. But taxi tours won’t stop long enough for that.

  3. “Also, the owner wants people to come into her restaurant and buy food in order to see the view.” And specifically food. We stopped off for a drink and were told if we wanted to come in we had to buy FOOD. They were also none to pleasant about it. We just scratched Bordeaux off our list

    • We wanted to order drinks and apps and enjoy the view and she wouldn’t let us order. She just escorted us to the fence and said no trespassing. If they were not open yet for the day, she could have told us that, but opted to be rude. We won’t go there if we go back to St. John.

  4. We stopped there for the cute shop and was going to go over to restaurant but when we saw the sign that said you have to buy to see the view we thought anyone that puts up a sign like that we are not going. We fell in love with the shop next door and bought quite a bit. To bad the restaurant doesn’t get a clue how people get turned off from signs like that. They do have a nice parking area where you can get out and look and not pay for a view!

  5. As a tourist, we do not spend thousands of dollars to come there and look at an ugly fence. We may as well stay home if we aren’t allowed to see the view.

  6. No bueno. The property may be theirs and I suppose it’s their right to do with it as they please…but just because they CAN does not mean they SHOULD.

    I’ll be very interested to see a response from the owners and perhaps there is a very good reason for why they’re taking away a small part of what makes St. John such a gem. As suggested in previous comments – have there been accidents or other disturbances/issues that necessitate this fence? Or is this just the result of a selfish, bitter owner more concerned with making a buck than being a part of what I believe to be the most beautiful island in the Caribbean?

    Existential thought of the day: Less fences, borders, boundaries and restrictions…more sharing and appreciation for the natural beauty this world has to offer, please & thanks.

  7. I ask all who visit St John to send a message to the VI Tourism Association regarding the “fence” This is their Facebook page…. US Virgin Islands Hotel and Tourism Association and please link this article and photo.
    Apparently the bamboo was not enough (it is still there) as this fence is now blocking the “new” view that the taxi drivers and visitors were using just a few yards past the bamboo.

    Let your thoughts be heard


  8. Business 101:

    Let’s add up every drink at $8/pop (or more) that they have turned away because of their ridiculous “food only” policy. Now, let’s add up all the dining that was then turned away because you couldn’t get a drink in the first place. Let’s hope the next owners understand how to run a tourist business properly.

      • Touche’. We visit Saint John, every year and have crossed this place of business off of our list, a long time ago. No time for rude people while on island. Too many other friendly places to spend our money.

  9. Can you sing along…

    So, I jumped on the fence and-a yelled at the house
    “Hey, what gives you the right?
    To put up a fence to keep me out or to keep mother nature in
    If God was here, He’d tell you to your face, man, you’re some kinda sinner”

    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
    Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

  10. It seems as though they are shooting themselves in the foot! I’m sure they understand how many people are brought to their business by “sightseers” Maybe looking for a smoothie, cola or water? Guess they don’t want the business. (one would assume)

    • “…isn’t it common knowledge among restauranteurs that the profits are made selling ALCOHOL not food?”

      Indeed, beverages have a far better profit margin than food.

  11. When they first planted the bamboo i thought that they were passing on a great opportunity.

    I think that if I were them I would build an observation deck where the bamboo and fence now are, and encourage the taxi drivers to stop there. I’d also have cold drinks and snack type foods readily available for purchase for the folks stopping to look at the view.

  12. These owners are epic morons! NO clue how to run a bar/restaurant biz. They need to capitalize on the tourism with that view by knocking down that fence (and bamboo), build an observation deck and sell drinks and snacks right there.

    And the policy to only let people in who buy food is asinine. Every bar owner knows that your highest margins come from selling booze not food. If you come in for a drink, 9 out of 10 will buy food too…and then more booze. Let’s all go there and buy a basket of fries…no drinks…then leave.

    I wanna buy this place just to show them how to do it right. But guess what; profits speak volumes, and these people will go under in no time.

  13. Let’s just say that the owner of the frontage lot has the right to erect a fence to protect the abyss on the other side. What right is there to place large stones in the public right of way, and to post parking restriction for the public roadway?

  14. Don’t go there. Period. They are major douche bags. Never again until it’s sold. Which will be soon based on their selfish ignorance. NOT GOING AGAIN!

  15. Maybe they should focus on improving things so people want to come there instead of taking something away trying to force the issue. We are usually headed to “The Tourist Trap ” for less of a view, fabulous drinks AND delicious food. I understand it’s their perogative to build the fence (assuming it’s all legal) but a very bad business decision in my opinion. We were planning a breakfast trip over their way in June! They just cut off their nose to spite their face as my mom use to say. I don’t have time for this silliness on vacations!

  16. My sister and I are on island right now and will NOT be customers of CB. This action is selfish and rude, and an incredibly bad business decision. Wouldn’t you think more people stopping for the view would mean more business? Duh! The beauty of STJ should be for all.

  17. The “family” couldn’t care less if you boycott them, come to their restaurant or not. They’re always at war with one another or someone else, and will always bite off their noses to spite their faces. Well, except for one, and anybody from Coral Bay knows who that is, and I don’t think that one has any interest in the Chateau.

  18. Well not surprised by this action as I have never liked the attitude of the owners of Chateau Bordeaux. This is an extension of who they are…Anyone know what their problem is? David in Boston

  19. We have a home on Bordeaux Mtn, and these folks have been rude every time we’ve patronized them. Maybe a total boycott would get the message across . . .

  20. Some good weed and a bottle of rum might help them reconsider their decision!
    If that does not work, “burn baby burn”!

  21. Traveled to 31 islands thru the years and ST. JOHN is my absolute favorite! Always enjoyed the lookout there and at one time they did sell drinks there while you took in God’s beauty. Building these fences is ridiculous! No one should even patronize them and buy anything from them. Being nasty people, they probably would not care if anyone came by! If they can’t appreciate their beauty, they should leave the island and come to some of the inner cities in the states, where they could barricade themselves in their houses, with no views and they would never have to socialize with people! and they call themselves business p
    eople, that’s a joke!!!!!!

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