Underwater photography: how to do it better

Anybody can come back from St., John with a gorgeous photographs of sunrises, sunsets, people, and landscapes. Capturing a perfect shot underwater is something else. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Jess Spate, writing for Digital Photography School, has these suggestions.

  • It's easier to get good pictures if you're close. Lighting is easier, and the closer you are also means you're shooting through a lesser volume of water. The picture should be more clear.
  • CameraDon't use a flash if you can avoid it. Frankly, this is good advice even on dry land. That harsh burst can unbalance a scene. Also Spate says the flash can bounce off rocks, other fish and even air bubbles, reflecting back into the lens. Go natural.
  • Shoot at an angle. Side lighting can bring out textures and interesting shadow effects.
  • Be prepared. Check your settings, memory card capacity, battery status before you get into the water.

What's a good camera for underwater (and also shoots on land?

Amazon.com has dozens of them. The Inquiring Iguana surveyed them and found the Sony TX10 top-rated by customers.  More than half of 305 reviewers gave the $299 camera five stars.

Digital Photography School advice on underwater photography.

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  1. Sorry but this is not an under water camera, it is just water resistant.
    From the #1 rated review for it on the Amazon Site-
    “It is water “resistant’ but not truly waterproof aka. you shouldn’t go scuba diving with it.”

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