And We’re Back!!!

dalton cruz bay beach

Well folks, after seven long weeks, we are finally back on island … and it feels amazing!

I’m sorry we’ve been absent for a week, but with all the traveling, we decided to take a little time for ourselves while getting Dalton acclimated to his new island home. And for the record, he loves it!!

I’d like to thank Chelsea, Andrea and Leah for helping me with some stories and pics while I was up in the states. I would also like to thank all of you for reading and for loving this little island of ours!

It’s honestly amazing how much progress occurred in the seven weeks that I was off island. For starters, the island is so green! We will have video on that soon. There’s also been a good deal of additional cleanup and work happening all across the island. It’s a beautiful sight.

Now that we’re home, we’re happy to announce that we will be resuming our island tours. Our first post-baby tour is today actually! So for those of you who are new to the island and would like a good overview, this tour is for you. Or if you are a longtime visitor (thank you for that!) and you would like to see some off-the-beaten places you may not have seen thus far, I’m your girl! You can email me at [email protected] or check out www.newsofstjohn.com/islandtour for more information.

And now I promise not to be that person who posts pictures of my baby all the time, but I thought you all might enjoy seeing a few of a little island baby exploring his new home… Have a great day everyone!

Have passport. Will travel. (Look out Soggy Dollar, we're coming for you!!)
Have passport. Will travel. (Look out Soggy Dollar, we’re coming for you!!)
Dalton's first airplane ride home. (He slept almost the entire flight ... thank goodness!)
Dalton’s first airplane ride home. (He slept almost the entire flight … thank goodness!)
Chillin' at the Trunk Bay overlook...
Well hello world famous Trunk Bay… (He was only in the sun for about 30 seconds.)
He's probably not going to remember his first visit to Maho... lol
He’s probably not going to remember his first visit to Maho… lol
"Woah, what do you mean the Rum Hut isn't open yet??!!"
“Woah, what do you mean the Rum Hut isn’t open yet??!!”
Happy to be home...
Happy to be home…

40 thoughts on “And We’re Back!!!”

  1. Yay! Welcome home!! Love love the pictures! The SJ Brewers bib is too cute! It has been two months (too long) since we left STJ. The island looks so wonderful! I think it’s time to book that Thanksgiving trip back! ❤️

  2. Jenn and family .. words fail, but welcome back on island!!
    Your blog and your Island Tours have made us even more St. Johnians
    than we were .. 9 years, and now our next generation ‘adicts’ to St. John join us each year.
    Very best wishes .. Dalton is handsome and he is so blessed to be an island child with loving parents. Hope to see you March 2019!
    Wishes for a gentle hurricane season,
    Burt & Sue

  3. Our most sincere and warmest congrats!

    I loved the baby passport and beach pictures. It takes me straight back to when our son was just brade new. He was such an easy travel baby, I wish you the same 🙂

  4. Welcome back to St John! The pics are amazing! What a cute young man! Thank you for your reports. We were back to St John fir the first time in about 10 years during June. We still love the island!
    Congratulations to your family!

  5. I am so happy to see this post. We met you just before you left the island. You and your friends made us feel so welcome as we watched the sunset rom the hill over Cruz Bay. Your baby is just perfect. Congrats to all.

  6. Welcome back home, Jenn. Love the pictures, and you can just keep on sending them. We have to see Dalton as he grows! I would love to see one of the three of you.
    Say hello to St. John for me. I love and miss my favorite place to visit. Glad to hear it’s “greening up”.

  7. Welcome back and congrats. Also really enjoyed the posts from Chelsea, Andrea and Leah. They added a new perspective and information. Hoping they stay on with you.

  8. Please don’t ever stop posting the baby pics!! My twin boys just turned 13 and my daughter 10. Blink and it happens. Keep showing off that island baby!! On my bucket list to get there… one day…!

  9. Love these pics. Brought a laugh and happy tear to my eye. This little guy is so lucky. What a life he has to look forward to.

  10. What a little sweetheart. Glad you are back. I truly enjoy all your posts of my favorite place. Congrats on the new St John resident!

  11. Congrats!!

    And, what a lucky little guy…an amazing experience he will have growing up! 🙂

    I just finished reading Peter Muilenburg’s books and the experiences his sons received growing up on St. John (and on Breath), priceless.

  12. Great pics & welcome home. I think a lot of us are asking the same questions about Joe’s! Also on Beach Bar. Not much going on through the bar cam!

  13. Welcome little Dalton – such cute pictures and thank goodness he’s protected at Maho!, Wish that came in adult sizes!!

  14. Jenn, your baby is beautiful! Thank you for all of the updates on the island, it’s been wonderful to see the resilience in the spirit of those who call this home, and for those of us who love STJ and the people who make up this fabulous community.

  15. So Happy for your little family! I can see he will Love the Island as much as you! Welcome Home! We do get to come back in November & we can’t wait!

  16. Thank You so very much for the Awesome pictures of Dalton. He will be such a wonderful addition to the St. John experience for all that have the pleasure of meeting him.

  17. Congratulations!!! Little boys are adorable & they do love their Mamas!! He is darling! What a precious gift from God. Loved all the pics.

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