And the hill came tumbling down


The folks building a gas station near the Westin Resort are having problems.  Excavations for the project have cut into the hill so deeply that a paved road midway up the hill has been undermined. 

The St. John Source reported the builders, Chocolate Hole LLC, are facing a fine of up to $10,000 by the Department of Planning and Natural Resources

This is not the first problem at the site.  Early in June a stop work order was issued because of the way the land was being cleared.  Then after heavy rains in late August another order was issued because of problems from erosion.  Then about two weeks ago, a "significant portion" ot the property fell from above, the Source reported.

DPNR has advised the owner, Nedal Salem, how to build a proper retaining wall. 

4 thoughts on “And the hill came tumbling down”

  1. A fine of up to $10,000? How much will it cost someone to fix that undermined road? How about protecting the residents that live on that road to keep them, their children, vehicles, and/or animals from falling down the cliff?

  2. Everyone knew (and commented) how terrible an idea and location this was from the beginning. Big shocker that this is happening. Wait until all the car accidents happen when people enter/exit the service station opposite a blind crest of the hill. Duh!!!

  3. At DPNR’s last public meeting in the St. John Market’s parking lot, DPNR told us that because of the zoning they had a right to build as long as the plans were approved by DPNR.

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