What’s to drink?


Anybody visiting St. John is likely to want to know, “Where are the good restaurants?”  People on the VINow visitor forum want to know, “What’s to drink?”  

Rum is the favorite answer.

One resident said flavored Cruzan rums are the way to go. “They're absolutely delicious and mix well with juices and sodas – or have them on the rocks.”

Limin da Coconut gets a thumbs up from PiratesParadise. “Lime juice, a whole lime (including the rhine), rum, Coco Lopez and ice. Blend ‘til frothy. Absolutely delicious.”

Islandsallfool likes something called a Dark n Stormy. “Find some ginger beer, a cousin to ginger ale but more of a bite from the ginger, look for Gosling's rum, lime, ice and have at it.”

Painkillers are a popular way to go.  And there must be a hundred different recipes. Rose's begins with a foundation, a basic mix of fruit juices and Coco Lopez and suggests keeping a pitcher of that pre-made and in the frig.  Then when you’re relaxed, add the rum.  Per glass recipe: 2 oz pineapple juice, 2 oz orange juice, 2 plus or minus tablespoons Coco Lopez, 1-2 oz Meyers Rum.

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  1. I love what I think they call a swizzle of some sort out at Skinny Legs. Cruzan flavored (pineapple i think), lime juice, & soda water w/ a splash of sprite. Very light & refreshing.

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