Ana has arrived

Bill 1:40 p.m. Monday Update:  The ferries are running normally, and the St. Thomas airport is open.  No plans to close, according to the Port Authority.

8 a.m. Monday:

So far, not awful. “Just rain and gusts of wind,” according to the Live de Life blog. “A little snotty out here this morning but it could be worse. The winds are 20+ sustained and a few gusts above that. Lots of rain, but the main track of Ana went way south so that's a good thing.”

The Islandia blog linked to Intellicast for hurricane information.  It’s quite good.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Bill has grown it winds to 75 miles an hour and has become Hurricane Bill.  The latest forecast track shows it passing to the east and north of the Virgin IslandsBermuda appears to be the target.

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