An Update on the Restaurants

Hi all, we’ve been receiving a lot of requests for information on the status of the restaurants. Here is what we know now. We will update the list as we receive more information.

  • 420 to Center: Open!
  • Aqua Bistro: Sustained storm damage; No further information is available at this time
Aqua Bistro
Aqua Bistro
  • Asolare: Restaurant was destroyed; No word on rebuilding as of yet
  • Banana Deck: Plans to reopen; Reopening date TBD
  • Barefoot Cowboy Lounge: Lost its roof during Irma & sustained heavy water damage during Maria; Currently closed
Barefoot Cowboy
Barefoot Cowboy
  • Beach Bar: Sustained extensive water damage; Reopening date TBD
  • Cafe Concordia: Sustained serious storm damage; Closed for the 2017-2018 season.
The view from Concordia
The view from Concordia
  • Cafe Roma: No info yet.
  • Candie’s: No info yet.
  • Caneel Bay Resort: Closed for the 2017-2018 season due to heavy damage
  • Château Bordeaux: Closed; Sustained heavy damage
Chateau Bordeaux
Chateau Bordeaux
  • Chester’s: Open!
  • Cinnamon Bay Campground: Sustained heavy storm damage; Closed until 2018
  • Columbo’s Smoothie Stand: Closed
  • Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis: We hear it’s open!
  • Cruz Bay Landing: Open!
  • da Livio’s: Currently closed but plans to reopen
  • De’ Coal Pot: No info yet.
  • Dog House Pub: Open!
Dog House Pub
Dog House Pub
  • DR!NK: Plans to reopen in March 2018
  • Driftwood Dave’s: No info yet.
  • Extra Virgin Bistro: Open!
  • High Tide: Plans to reopen; Reopening date TBD
  • Hercules: Open!
  • Indigo Grill: Reopening soon (Provided free meals over the past month … a big thank you to Indigo for that!)
  • Island Cork: Closed; Reopening date TBD
  • Jake’s: No info yet.
  • Joe’s Rum Hut: Sustained extensive water damage; Reopening date TBD
  • Knox & Ollies: Closed through at least June 2018 due to heavy damage sustained throughout the Westin.
  • La Tapa: Will reopen once power is restored
  • Lemongrass at the Westin: Closed through at least June 2018
  • Lime Inn: Open!
  • Little Olive: No info yet.
  • Margarita Phil’s: No info yet.
  • Miss Lucy’s: Sustained storm damage; No further information
Miss Lucy's
Miss Lucy’s
  • Morgan’s Mango: Sustained heavy damage; Currently rebuilding with hopes to reopen in December
  • Nella’s Lounge: Bar is open!
  • North Shore Deli: Plans to reopen; Reopening date depends on power restoration
  • Ocean 362: Plans to reopen in November
  • Ocean Grill: Hoping to reopen mid-November
  • Our Market Smoothies: Not open daily but will host a free smoothie day this Friday, October 20th!
  • P & P’s: Open!
  • Pickles: Sustained serious storm damage; No further information
  • Pizzabar in Paradise: Open!
  • Quiet Mon: Open!
  • Rhumb Lines: Open!
  • Ronnie’s Pizza: Plans to reopen as soon as they can
  • Sam and Jack’s Deli: Open!
  • Shipwreck Landing: Sustained serious damage; No further information at this time
  • Skinny Legs: Plans to reopen; Reopening date TBD (although they do hope to have a Halloween party!!)
Skinny Legs
Skinny Legs
  • Slimman and the Snack Dragon: The building was damaged; No further information
Slimman & the Snack Dragon
Slimman & the Snack Dragon
  • St. John Scoops: Will reopen in January 2018
  • Sun Dog Cafe: Open!
  • Tamarind Inn: The entire property was damaged; therefore it will not reopen for awhile.
  • The Bowery: Plans to reopen; Reopening date TBD
  • The Tap Room: Plans to reopen; Reopening date depends on power restoration
  • The Thirsty Donkey: Reopening soon!
The Thirsty Donkey
The Thirsty Donkey
  • The Fish Trap: Closed; No further info.
  • The Longboard: Will reopen with a full menu December 1.
  • The Terrace: Plans to reopen; Reopening date TBD
  • The Triple B: No info at this time.
  • UMAMI: No info at this time.
  • Uncle Joe’s: Open!
  • Waterfront Bistro: Closed
  • Wok on the Beach: Open!
Wok on the Beach
Wok on the Beach
  • Woody’s: Received some damage; Reopening date TBD
  • Zozo’s Ristorante: Closed for the 2017-2018 season

19 thoughts on “An Update on the Restaurants”

  1. Thank you Jenn for faithfully posting all the latest happenings on STJ. It helps to lift everyone’s spirit & encourages all to press forward! Never give up! STJSTRONG!

  2. WOK ON THE BEACH is awesome. Their food is incredible and a great addition to Coral Bay. Show them some love- you won’t be disappointed. STAY AWESOME!

  3. Thank you so much for the update. I consider the restaurants on St John some of the best ever! I look forward to returning in May 2018 if recovery efforts allow.

  4. Thanks for keeping us all informed. Hopefully most of them will come back. I am going to miss this year but will be back in 2019, I love STJ so much. I’d love to take one of your island tours when I return.

  5. I’m not sure you understand what reading your posts means to us stateside STJ lovers. The storms robbed us of our 3 week vaca which I live my entire year anxiously awaiting. I would be a resident if I possibly could. It’s breaking my heart in two not being able to physically help -although I’ve helped as much as possible through KC’s LFLC foundation. I for one, hang on your every word. It brings me closer to the island and it’s people that I love. I feel the need to tell you this because I know that you are going through a struggle far more immense and yet you keep this going. You my girl, are a hero!!! A light in the storms aftermath. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so so much for all the articles and information! Any pics or vids of how beaches fared would be much appreciated too

  7. Thanks so much for the updates! We look forward to supporting all of our favorites restaurants, and then some, on our next trip down!

  8. Thank you so very much for the update – Going down in December ~ bringing my work gloves to help where I can. Its great to know what will be open to provide a little nourishment! Continue the good work & take care!!

  9. Thanks so much for info. Had to cancel Oct. 2017 trip. First time in 28 years. Can’t wait to go back this Oct. w/ friends to help out the economy a little. So hope that Miss Lauralei rebuilds Chateau Bordeaux and everyone else that has to rebuild. Sending much love to all!

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