How Kenny Chesney is Helping to Save an Island

Kenny’s team delivering supplies to the Virgin Islands.

Over the past month, Kenny Chesney has done an enormous amount of work in an effort to rebuild and revive the island of St. John following hurricanes Irma and Maria. Here’s that story from the beginning…

Let’s rewind back to Friday, September 8th, two days after Hurricane Irma struck St. John. Most of the island was barely able to get cell service other than some spotty communication over near Ronnie’s Pizza in Cruz Bay. I was able to get a few messages to and from my parents, and I remember getting one in particular from my dad (who affectionately refers to himself as “Papa News”). It read, “Kenny’s team is coming. You’re all going to be ok.”

Kenny’s team? Who knew Kenny Chesney had a “team,” I wondered. And how on earth did my dad even know this? I thought about it for a second or two, perplexed, and then continued on with my day.

A few friends and I drove up to Kenny’s house the next day – Saturday, September 9th – to check on some other friends who hunkered down there during the storm. Many of you may have already heard this part of the story – that 17 people, including several young children and a few dogs, sheltered at his St. John home during Hurricane Irma. That home was pretty much destroyed, but fortunately all 17 people and the dogs were safe.

As we walked into what was once Kenny’s home, I saw Ben, his boat captain, and several other of Kenny’s “team”. His “team” as it turns out were all St. Johnians – some current, some former. What these men and Kenny’s team as a whole have accomplished from that day on is simply incredible.

“Kenny sent his plane down immediately, right after the wind stopped blowing” John McInnis told me last week as we sat on a 50 passenger relief plane which was headed to St. John stocked with generators, internet equipment, rakes, shovels and a host of other cleanup equipment. John is heading up Kenny’s Love for Love City Foundation, an organization benefiting Hurricane Irma disaster relief. He is also the owner of the popular Flora-Bama beach bar, a bar Kenny sung about on his The Big Revival album. (The McInnis family knows a thing about disaster recovery as they were instrumental in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts of Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Katrina, and the BP oil spill.) “We loaded that initial plane with key personnel and supplies and flew it to St. Croix. Those people and supplies were taken by private helicopter directly to St. John.”

Generators being loaded onto the relief plane in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
Internet equipment and other supplies filled nearly every seat of the relief plane.
A St. John evacuee rests her foot on cleanup equipment as she heads back to the island.

According to John, the Love for Love City Foundation was formed immediately after Hurricane Irma devastated our island on September 6th. The goal was to make sure 100 percent of the monies raised went directly to the people of the Virgin Islands – both the USVI and Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. Because it is a private organization, they were able to start working immediately and were able to enter the Territory weeks before the airport and ports reopened. Kenny’s team was in fact the first people on the ground. They arrived even before the United States military … pretty amazing if you ask me.

“Private citizens don’t have red tape,” John said. “We can identify needs, respond quickly and we don’t have to go through a process to get approval. That’s how we were able to accomplish it.”

During the first three weeks post-Irma, the Love for Love City Foundation sent between 50 and 100 loads of food, water, emergency supplies, medicine, medical equipment, chainsaws, generators, cleanup equipment and other basic supplies like bug spray, batteries and flashlights to the Virgin Islands. They did so using private jets, private helicopters, private charter boats and fishing boats, and ferries. The private boats – the majority came from St. Croix – donated their time and fuel. So a huge thank you to the residents of St. Croix who stepped up in a big way to help our community when we needed it most.

One of the Foundation’s relief helicopters lands on St. John.
Jim, a member of Kenny’s team, delivers a generator and chainsaw with a volunteer from St. Croix.
John McInnis and Ben, Kenny’s boat captain, head to Jost van Dyke.

The Love for Love City Foundation has also been instrumental during the island’s evacuation process. They helped evacuate more than 1,000 people from St. John and flew another 300 privately off the island following hurricanes Irma and Maria.

(While it was not mandatory, the island’s residents were strongly encouraged to evacuate. It is estimated that less than half of the St. John’s 4,500 residents remain following both hurricanes.)

In addition to bringing supplies and helping with evacuations, Kenny’s team is also working hard each day to rebuild our community, as well as Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. They’ve cleared roads. They’ve removed debris. They cleaned up all of Cruz Bay including its beaches, the Gifft Hill School, the St. John Christian Academy in Pine Peace, and even the nearby basketball courts, all so people could maintain a sense of normalcy. They’ve been working over in Coral Bay, Bordeaux and throughout the island. Over the weekend, the team sent 90 people to Jost van Dyke to clean up its main roads, church, school and police station. They even brought in a barge this weekend filled with heavy equipment, generators and other supplies.

John McInnis and Foxy on Jost van Dyke.
Kenny’s team alongside the students and staff at St. John Christian Academy.

John McInnis and the rest of Kenny’s team are quick to point out, however, that they are not the only ones making an impact on St. John. They’ve partnered with Tom Secunda, a cofounder of Bloomberg who happens to own property on St. John. The Bloomberg team has worked tirelessly in the weeks following Irma to help restore St. John’s infrastructure. They also arranged to have the Johns Hopkins Go Team flown in after Kenny’s Foundation restocked the island’s clinics with medical supplies. (The Johns Hopkins Go Team is a rapidly deployable medical group established to respond to regional and national disasters.)

A handwritten list of medical needs was handed to Kenny’s team.

The Chesney/Bloomberg team also sent a private, 50-passenger jet to New York in order to bring down 29 New York State Troopers, so they could provide additional security on St. John. Those troopers returned to New York last Wednesday; however 19 police officers from New Jersey remain on island. There are countless other groups working together to aid the islands’ recovery and rebuilding efforts including St. John Rescue, the St. John Community Foundation, local police and fire teams, FEMA and Witt O’Brien’s, as well as the churches and countless business owners.

“Based on all of my experience in disasters, the response from FEMA and the U.S. Military and the public private partnership has been the best I have ever seen,” John said.

The actions of the private sector following hurricanes Irma and Maria have been absolutely remarkable. A senior FEMA official summarized it best at a recent community meeting. He said that the response on St. John should be a model for future disaster recovery. How amazing is that…

So if you’ve donated to the Love for Love City Foundation and are curious if your dollars are being used appropriately, the answer is overwhelmingly yes.

So now it’s John’s turn to answer a question I’ve been asking nearly everyone I’ve encountered over the past few weeks. In your opinion, what does the future of tourism look like on St. John?

“I think we need a few short months to get things back to a new normal,” John said. “By this winter, some of the key places that everybody loves will be back up and running again. There will be places for people to stay and plenty to do. The beaches and the water will be as beautiful and clean as ever. The atmosphere, the place and, most importantly, the people that everyone fell in love with, will be back to an enjoyable state and ready for visitors.

“From there, its just a matter of fixing the power grid, the houses, those sort of things,” he continued. “It could take a year or two for everything to get back to exactly like it was, but it won’t take that long for everyone to be able to come back and enjoy it. A great opportunity lies ahead for the people of the Virgin Islands to determine what the future will look like. With the technology that God has blessed us with today like solar energy, the sky is the limit. People should be excited to see what the future holds in the Virgin Islands. It’s easy to dwell on the current state of our islands, but we really need to stay focused on the future because it’s very bright.”

There are many people who say they want to help; there are others who actually do it. Kenny is a doer, and I could not be more grateful. The community is grateful. Our islands are grateful. But it’s not just Kenny who is helping, it’s all of you. He has the voice, but you all have been there to support him, to support us. And for that, I simply cannot thank you all enough.

If you’d like to donate to the Love for Love City Foundation, please visit www.kennychesney.com

Kenny Chesney hugs Carlos DiBlasi, owner of Morgan’s Mango, on St. John.

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  1. Great report on the work being done.I’m planning on make a donation to Kenny ‘s foundation in lieu of family Christmas gifts and will include a copy of this post in their Xmas card so that they know where and how the money is used.Thanks

  2. Tears in my eyes again; so moved to read this. Thank god for Kenny Chesney’s literal love for the islands. Thank you, Jenn, for providing a terrific write-up of his work.

  3. Tears in my eyes, reading this article. Have been a fan of Kenny’s for years, but I have never ever been so proud of him, as I have been, since he and his team have responded so quickly, and continue to help St. John and the rest of the USVI and BVI’s. As someone posted, “Thank God for Kenny.” It is so true. Bless him and those that are working with him to help others. Have donated to his foundation and will continue to do so, and another merch order is going in for Christmas gifts.

  4. I knew when I saw the look in Kenny’s eyes and heard his voice cracking in that first interview that he would be the one for me to donate to because his heart was there. Those are my people and those are his people. Thank you Kenny!!

  5. Great reporting, Jenn. Thanks. Although, now I am sitting here at work all verklempt with smudged mascara. Thanks Kenny for caring about this place.

  6. We could not be more proud to call John McInnis our friend!! Through his work and big heart, the future is brighter!!

  7. Wow, just wow. Kenny is a good good man. Glad to hear that he is using all of his resources to re-build an entire community! I donated right away because I knew my money would directly help these people. Hang in there St. John, No Shoes Nation is here for you!

  8. There have been criticisms that Kenny Chesney arrived before the US military. I would like to point out that it was the US military who were clearing and organizing the airfields which allowed Kenny Chesney to land. Also many do not seem to understand the role of the military. It is not necessarily to deliver supplies in the initial stages of a crisis. They are there to support local authorities. We should all be grateful to Kenny Chesney, but also express our support to the military who evacuated the hospital on St. Thomas and citizens from the islands, helped clear the airfields, did search and rescue, and provided other support. The US government should also be thanked for providing financial support through FEMA to local government, as well as to low income individuals and low interests small business loans. Thank you, US military and US government. The role of the US military is outlined here. http://taskandpurpose.com/hurricane-irma-virgin-islands-navy/

    • I agree. My team wasn’t sent to St John. But we were sent to Puerto Rico. My boss just spent almost 3 weeks down there and I’m on my way now to assist with medical assets. The members of the military wanted to move believe you me but we have to wait for authorization to move. My bags have been packed for months. They were used during Harvey when I moved Med Equipment and supplies to S Texas, came home and restocked/repacked and ready to go help with Irma. God Bless Everyone who is helping in what ever way they are capable. Even if it’s prayer!

      • Hit post before I wanted to. Obviously praise KC for his amazing contributions! He is a man of awesomeness! My husband and I try and make every concert that he has in the Texas area!!

    • Actually Janet, that’s incorrect. Local government workers and private individuals cleared the runways as the military hadn’t arrived yet. We were certainly grateful once they arrived but private citizens like Kenny and his crew, and the DIRT team arrived within 24 hours. It took the federal government a lot longer to get moving in the VI because of the red tape and slow government response. That’s not a criticism of the military personnel, it’s just a statement of fact about what actually happened.

      • Melissa, define “slow government response”. Your use of the word “slow” does imnply criticism. Trump declared the USVI a disaster area the day of Irma and released funds the next. The USS Wasp arrived USVI June 7, before Chesney. The military according to this article distributed food and water to St. Thomas and St. John before Sept. 9. I am guessing food arrived before or after curfew that some may not have been aware of. ”

        “All Hands Magazine

        ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands (Sept. 9, 2017) U.S. Navy Sailors assigned to amphibious assault ship USS WASP LHD 1 and members of National Disaster Medical Assistance Team provide aid to evacuees as part of first response efforts to the U.S. Virgin Islands in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The Navy and Marine Corps team have conducted 47 medical evacuations from St. Thomas and St. John hospitals and delivered 17,500 lbs of food, water, and medical supplies to St. Thomas and St. John.”


  9. I knew my boy KC would help! Couldn’t be more proud of him and all of the crew. I had planned a trip to the islands that was cancelled. I’ll be sure to reschedule to support their economy as soon as I can. Now that we’ve recovered from Hurricane Maria here in Fla I’m going to donate to assist. Know that No Shoes Nation members here in Florida understand what you are going through and we’re here for ya!

  10. Tears, reading this. God bless Kenny and his team. And God bless you, Jenn, for keeping all of us, well informed, of our beautiful Islands status. Sad we had to cancel this year. But we will be back. We’ve loved STJ since 1988❤️

  11. While reading this story brings tears ( of joy and hope) to my eyes, it also serves as a wonderful reminder of why my husband and I love St. John and St. Thomas so much. Over the years it has become our second home even though we only spend 3 weeks in Feb a year there ( our goal is to bring it up to six weeks when we retire). Please are supporting the relief and repair efforts where we can and look forward to coming back soon.

  12. This article exemplified why I am a fan of Kenny Chesney, and love St John. I return tomorrow with generator parts and determination to help restore my island.

    • My husband & I lived on STJ 20+ yrs ago – Jenn, your videos even prior to the storms are amazing. Just the number of homes, cars & businesses there now amazes me. Seeing the devastation is heartbreaking. When we arrived it was after Hugo & people were still waiting for phone lines a year later. In this new age of tech thank God for you, Jenn. Here in FL all that news channels report on is Puerto Rico. Perhaps KennyC can get more interview time to shed light on our beautiful paradise.

  13. As always a very comprehensive article!
    As I’m reading it and trying to imagine all that you all
    have been through and continue to deal with I’m teary eyed.
    Everyday I pray for St John and the entire Caribbean.
    And when I get there in May I’d be honored to meet you Jenn. You’ve done an outstanding job keeping everyone posted! Especially this worried mama with a son and daughter in law living there.
    Well done! Best always .

  14. Bravo to Kenny and his Team!!

    From what I have read here he is doing more and being more effective in helping the Islands survive and recover. We got hit here in Treasure Island Florida with much, much less damage from Irma. I recently lost my Digital Marketing business to a bad business partner, but once I am back up and running I promise to make a Donation to The Love for Love City Foundation and come back to the U.S. and B.V.I. as soon as can!! Much love to everyone there 🙂

  15. Here are a few of the ways the US government has been helping the USVI:

    $223 million dollars to the USVI government initially, more coming
    146,000 liters of water, nearly 443,000 meals, and 56 rolls of tarp
    medical teams
    search and rescue
    debris removal

    I agree with a previous comment – Kenny Chesney is beyond wonderful. But let us not give the impression that Kenny Chesney alone has helped the USVI. The body of your article did credit other groups, but the title of your article suggests that he alone has been helpful.

    Thank you, US Government and other groups who have aided the USVI.

    • No one who has been following this from day one believes that any one person has done it all. The article clearly states that it was only because of the lack of red tape that a private citizen had that they were able to do what they did initially. In times of disaster it’s very frequently ‘the next door neighbor’ that is one of the heros. These articles have provided information about all the great things that have been going on by multiple organizations, people and yes…..the government. This should not be a contest of who did more. No one will be forgetting any help that has been given I’m sure. It’s just that Kenny Chesney is both a recognizable name and a part time resident of the island. It’s probably a bit easier to identify with him. I’ve never met the person who writes this blog, but I for one am so grateful that she does. Sometimes the news is good, sometimes it’s not. But that’s what life is. There have been a lot of people donate to various organizations and this (in my mind) was just a way to let folks know that their money is being put to good use through his foundation.

      • Thank you, very well articulated!
        In cases like this, similar to raising well adjusted kids, it takes a village. There just happens to be some key people that have the means, love, tenacity and organizational skills to get the job done.
        Not having been to the islands matters not to me, my heart knows they are good folks!

  16. The BEAUTY of St John has ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be its’ people:
    caring, determined and resilient! Thank you Kenny Chesney for your aid & assistance.
    Thank you Jenn for an excellent job of keeping us posted!
    St John will be back – better & stronger than ever!
    God Bless All!

  17. Kenny saved me with just his songs in my darkest life moments and inpired me to live and do better. I can easily imagine how wonderful it is for him to physically apply that kind of passion to this cause. So happy for the islanders 🙂 God bless you Kenny. Well done. ❤️✌️

  18. Jenn thank you for keeping it real and keeping us informed. As I read this article with tear filled eyes it warms my heart to know there are people in this world like Kenny and his team. I am so amazed but not surprised at the work he is doing. Keep the stories coming.
    God bless you, God bless Kenny and his team and God bless all of the wonderful people on St John and Jost!

  19. Bravo Kenny! God Bless you, your team, & everyone that is helping. I’m sure there are many silent doers & givers. Our beloved St John needs your love & support. Thanks to everyone that’s helping. ❤️

  20. Thank you to so many, and especially for all the prayers offered up. Fantastic to see so many moved to action. Genesis 50:20 tells us “God turned into good what was meant for evil”.

    Thx Jenn

    Scott & Renee (STJ property owners since 1995)

  21. Hey nitpickers. Cut it out. Jenn said alot of people were going above and beyond .. this is just one of many great stories that will come out of this. There will be many hero’s big and small that will go unnoticed. Everyone that contributes time, money … whatever should celebrate the recovery. The scary thing to imagine is where the recovery would be with out help from the citizens and private sector.

    • You’re right on. Last week, my son together with a few celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, chartered 2 planes and sent solar panels and installers via PR. He doesn’t own property there, and wants to remain an anonymous donor. Our family has been going to St. John for the past 25 years, and hope to continue.

  22. Been coming down to St John with the family every year since 2000 and proud to have donated to KC ‘Love for Love City Foundation’ which is doing fantastic work. It is my kids treasured island home so great idea of a Christmas donation in lieu of the usual crap.

  23. Hi all!
    I don’t believe that Jenn’s article is dismissively giving praise to the feds for their help. It feels a bit like a few have gotten defensive about the lack of stats the feds are helping with. We have much to be thankful for with any help the island jas received.
    What I do know is this: St John’s recovery has had some incredible leadership efforts. Kenny’s formulation of a leadership team has been phenomenal. Others in the community jave stepped up to lead different aspects of the recovery. From dispersing donations to feeding those left on island.
    I am also closely following the cleanup efforts of Culebra and Vieques (PR’s smaller islands). Like St John, they are dependent on a larger nearby island to get their shit together so these two smaller islands can survive.
    The swiftness of progress on St John is impressive in comparison. That’s a whole lotta love from not only those that remain on our Rock, but all of us back in the states screaming to get help to our island…challenging the media to “not forget us.”
    It truly is a labor of love by all. Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?
    Great article, Jenn!

  24. This article makes so PROUD to part of the No Shoes Nation and to be associated, even in the smallest way, with Kenny Chesney. I can’t say enough about how much I admire him and appreciate all the does for people, not only through his music but through his philanthropic endeavors. He’s one of the best examples of a human being I can think of living today.

  25. I fell in love with St John in August. I promise to return as soon as I can. The first thing I want to do after hitting the Beach Bar is meet Jen. Thank you for your beautiful writing and keeping us informed about the island. I look for your posts.

  26. This brought me to tears, when I get to the island for my very first trip this March I will raise my glass to Kenny’s team and all those who are working so hard to make the island whole again, thank you for all the updates!

  27. I myself forgot to also credit:

    The Longboard
    The Red Cross (also funded by private donations)

    Weren’t they in tandem providing over 1k hot meals a day? Wow.

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  29. Kenny and Company doing what they do best…..making people feel good. There is good in this world and I am so happy to read about it. God Bless the USA!

  30. Today’s post gave me goosebumps! Thank you for such a wonderful update. As someone who did donate to Love 4 Love City, it’s refreshing to see the good Kenny has done and continues to do. This update makes you want to donate again to keep this wonderful recovery going!

  31. What Kenny has done is amazing. But, the question remains – what will the island look like in the future?There are questions that need to be answered regarding opportunities for change resulting from this disaster. For example: what are the best practices for building and rebuilding, what are the best methods of maintaining communication – clearly not just cell or satellite phones, but other options such as ham radio. And probably most important, restructuring the power grid using the latest technologies for power generation, and equally important, the ability to store power. These are critical links in making the island sustainable in the future. Do you know of any organizations on island that we can support who are tackling these important issues?

  32. There are so many heroes to thank here! Best news of the day! Let’s make sure we have this impact on every island!!!
    Spread the love. ❤

  33. thank God for people like Kenny Chesney, Bloomberg, etc. that have stepped up to truly make a difference. Many celebrities should take a page out of this book for sure and put their money where their mouth is! this includes our government who can’t even figure out who the President of the Virgin Islands is! God bless you all!

  34. Thank you Jenn for the updates of the islands. I have purchased my Kenny Chesney Love for Love City shirt. Have also become a sponsor for the USVI Adopt a Family program and send packages. Is truly rewarding to see the community effort that is happening. My wish is to go to the USVI on vacation next year and see this beautiful community!!

  35. Thank you for this article Jenn and all that you have done and are doing to keep us Statesiders (newest term i’ve learned..LOL) in the know.
    I was really hoping to meet you this week while my siblings and I take care on things on St John in regards to the death of our Father.
    We cannot thank you enough for all your help!!! <3

  36. The Real Hero of St John is Ryan Sharkey. No contracts no downtime. Immediately the next morning 420 to center began feeding the people, and is still doing it. Big Thanks to Love for Love city, but that is the real story.

  37. This article brought tears to my eyes. I was lucky enough to vacation on St. John for the first time last year. As a mother of a US Marine and a proud member of NSN I just want to say Thank You to everyone that is helping the islands get back to their natural beauty. SPREAD THE LOVE

  38. Never been to the V.I., but have been a fan of Kenny’s for a good many years. I’m so pleased to read this. Love it when people go to bat for what is the right thing and help others in their time of need.

  39. Great article Jen- definitely will share with friends that ask about the LFLC foundation and it’s impact. So many fantastic people helping. The future of this wonderful place IS bright!

  40. This blog has been the only news source coming out with daily updates and photos. I read it daily and many of the other groups mentioned in comments above have also been recognized in previous posts. This is the first full article on Kenny and it was good to hear our donations are having impact. I will now donate again. ALL have done amazing things and it gives hope that there still are good people when all you here is negativity. Instead of criticizing Jenn, call on the major networks to give the Virgin Islands, St Martin, and others devastated from Irma and Maria the attention they deserve.

    As someone who visits STJ and BVIs yearly, thank you and god bless all who have helped in any capacity, the great people of the islands and for working to restore it to its natural beauty. You all set an example of what love for humanity is and how we should come together.

    To Longboard, Cruz Bay Landing, 420 to Center who stayed open supplying free meals, you will be blessed double for your efforts. I for one will ensure each time my family visits, your restaurants will be visited.

    To the military, police, aid workers that have assisted STJ thank you for what you do. You make this gal from Kentucky proud to stand for our flag.

    Tell someone today you love them, help a stranger, thank a person in uniform for their services, just spread the ❤️ #loveforlovecity #lovecitystrong

    • I weathered Irma and will always be touched by more by the power of the people on the island after it was over than the strength of the storm. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of those working at the Landing in a terribly hot kitchen the following morning to feed everyone breakfast. Many of them had certainly lost their own homes and yet were there working to feed others. Special place with special people.

  41. Thank you Jenn for that incredibly heartwarming update of what Kenny and his team is accomplishing on our beloved St. John…..I am Ben Bourassa’s mom and so very proud of him and everyone he is working with there…..They ARE working tirelessly and it is great to hear all the appreciation……

  42. Thanks for the great story Jenn.

    Please keep up the great work. Your news, is the only viable way to catch up with the progress. It is so important.

    Can’t thank you enough!!


  43. Kenny deserves huge credit for stepping up and actually doing something. Now how about the many, many multi-zillionaires who have built Villas in Peter Bay and elsewhere on the STJ following suit? Time to help out, folks.

  44. Thank you Kenny and his whole team for all you’ve done and continue to do. Also a big thank you to Jenn for continuing to keep us all up to date on how the wonderful people of St. John are doing and how the island is getting better every day. It’s so upsetting that all we hear about stateside in the news in PR. Prayers to all who continue to help those on St. John.

  45. Thank goodness for KC and people like him that care enough to roll-up their sleeves and take action, get involved !
    I will tuck this in my heart, knowing our world is a kinder place because of them (KC)

  46. Great article! Makes me appreciate KC even more, and NOW my wife is a huge fan as well!! I just went down last weekend to get a dog back to an evacuated owner. I was sad to see the devastation; ecstatic to see the renewal and rebuild. We LOVE St. John and look forward to our return. KEEP IT UP!!

  47. Jen, First let me say THANK YOU for your wonderful updates on what happening on St John. After what you and the others have been through its just refreshing to see people helping each other and not being political or racial , just being human and providing much needed help and assistance. Kenny and crew have been amazing and everything that the team has done and continues to do is making life better each day. When I see the photo’s of the destruction of my much loved island and part time residence it breaks my heart. I have never been to a war zone and really hope never to see one, but St John looks so devastated and I know it will be the shinning star in the Caribbean again soon. I have to say that the people of Cruz Bay Landing and Longboard are amazing to have done what they have been doing from the minute they could open there doors and I can only imagine the amounts of food that have been served over the past few weeks. The Love for Love City fund is amazing and we have been working on a concert benefit for a few weeks now and hoping to send Kenny a big check to help the islands out. Once again THANK YOU for the updates and keeping the distance residence informed.

  48. We are the owners and manufacturers of a fiber reinforced MgO cement board technology called Magnum Board. We are fully ICC-AC386 and UL certified. Our boards are used in Structural insulated panels around the world. 40 such homes were build on the island of St Croix in 2014 time frame and sustained no damage during any of the hurricanes. Our structures are hurricane resistant, can be zero energy. We would like to be able to present this building technology to you. We are currently working with a group in St Croix to move this program forward and would appreciate an opportunity to work with Kenny Chesney’s group.
    My name is Dan Armstrong. I can be reached at 813.900.2957 and or the email address above.
    Thank you very much.
    Daniel Armstrong, Sr. C.P.M.

    • We are the owners and manufacturers of a fiber reinforced MgO cement board technology called Magnum Board. We are fully ICC-AC386 and UL certified. Our boards are used in Structural insulated panels around the world. 40 such homes were build on the island of St Croix in 2014 time frame and sustained no damage during any of the hurricanes. Our structures are hurricane resistant, can be zero energy. We would like to be able to present this building technology to you. We are currently working with a group in St Croix to move this program forward and would appreciate an opportunity to work with Kenny Chesney’s group.
      Our material is virtually impervious to fire water and insects; does not feed mold and mildew and is completely non toxic. A perfect material and building system for high wind, seismic active areas.
      My name is Dan Armstrong. I can be reached at 813.900.2957 and or the email address above.
      Thank you very much.
      Daniel Armstrong, Sr. C.P.M.

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