All You Can Eat Pizza Nights

dalivios wood fire grill

I grew up in Connecticut, which has arguably the best pizza in the United States. So needless to say, I love, love, love pizza. That’s why I’m pretty excited about today’s story…

How many of you have heard of da Livio’s? It’s a great little Italian place in Cruz Bay that’s located underneath the Cruz Bay Hotel and across from De Coal Pot and the Lime Inn. I love da Livio’s because it’s authentic and also because its pizza is wood fired a la my favorite spots in Connecticut. (Where are my Connecticut Pepe’s Pizza fans???)

dalivios restaurant

Well if you love pizza as much as I do, you’re going to love this. Each Wednesday and Saturday, da Livio’s is offering all you can eat pizza for $28 a person. That basically means you can try several of their delicious pizzas for about the same price of an entree your typical Cruz Bay restaurant. Trust me, you’re going to love it.

dalivios pizza

So we’re curious, what’s your favorite place for pizza on St. John? Leave your thoughts in our comments section or over on our Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “All You Can Eat Pizza Nights”

  1. I grew up in Connecticut also and Pepe’s was always THE place. When I met my wife who is from Boston she introduced me to Regina’s in the North End. I regretfully have to say and admit Regina’s is better. We live in Rhode Island now just outside Newport so we are right in the middle of both great places. So a road trip in either direction is always a possibility. Will definitely try da Livio’s in November when we are back on the rock and see how it stacks up which looks pretty awesome!

  2. As a native New Yorker, pizza has always been a basic staple and the bar for good pizza is set very high – da Livio’s delivers! Livio demands, in the best sense of the word, exceptional quality and authentic ingredients, many of which he imports from his hometown in Italy. Massimo, the pizza baker, is charming and rightfully proud of the amazing pizza he bakes in the wood-fired oven daily! da Livio is a true gem on St. John – Favoloso & Delizioso!

  3. LOVE DaLivios pizza. Never had any other on island, but hear Cafe Roma and the parlor near the round-a-bout has great pies too. Might try those one trip, but DaLivios is so good, not sure if it’s a good idea LOL!

  4. Early in our stay we like to pick up a Ronnie’s pizza on the way home from the beach. My wife usually picks up a book from the “borrow a book library” while we wait. Pizza is great, service is fun and you can walk in right off the beach.

  5. We always stock up on frozen Annie’s organic pizzas at Cost U Less on STT before we head to STJ. We are on a tight budget with eleven kids to feed.

  6. Live in Ct. and have eaten at DaLivio’s more than Pepe’s…Pepe’s overrated… Try Sally’s or Modern in New Haven

  7. My husband and I had DaLivio’s when we visited this past March. I was transported back to Italy! It was amazing!

  8. Thanks for the memories! Lived in CT for 20 yrs+, used to go to Pepe’s and The Spot back in the day. I *REALLY* like your burrata pizza! Keep up the good work!

  9. Have always been a Sally’s man but will try Da Livio next season. Only Cruze Bay pizza ever had was Cafe Roma few years ago, Enjoyed it very much. See you in January.

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