Administrator keeps her eyes on the roads

The five-year building boom on St. John has left a lot of tracks on the island’.  Concrete dripping from trucks on their way to pour foundations and pools have created unintended speed bumps which became obstacles for drivers. Many of the incidents have occurred on Gifft Hill and Reef Bay Hill.

Hitting a strip of dried concrete, going uphill, can really be a problem.   

And while complaints about the concrete spills have been heard for years,  it was just this month that the VI government got into the matter.  St. John Administrator Leona Smith issued a news release saying she and the Commissioner of Public Works met with representatives of the concrete providers, "regarding excessive spillage at work sites on the island."

"Time was spent gathering information and collecting feedback," Smith’s office announced, "as well as reminding Majestic and Centerline Concrete of the need for proper and efficient handling of all concrete run-offs."

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