A Quick Island Status Update…

Trunk Bay Sunday morning
Trunk Bay Sunday morning

Hello all and happy Tuesday! I think we’re due for a super fast island update. What do you all think??

So I just got back on island after visiting family up in New England for a bit. And you know what? The island is still so busy! It’s amazing! I was so surprised to see the number of people wandering through town, filling up the restaurants and simply enjoying life on the beaches over the past several days. People often ask me if tourism is down post-storm. The answer is unequivocally no. Thank you all for that!!

Some restaurants have started to close for low season, but the majority remain open, and they are hopping. Want to see a complete list of which restaurants are open, which are closed and which plan to close? Just visit www.newsofstjohn.com/seasonalclosings

All of our beaches are open and have been since late 2017. Shade remains an issue at some, but it’s nothing an umbrella or shade tent can’t fix. Trunk and Francis seem to lack shade the most; however if you get there early enough, you can definitely find a small shady spot.

Now on to the reefs… Some are good and some are great! They obviously took a hit and are working on bouncing back every day. Several of my island tour guests have stated that the amount of fish around the reef between Honeymoon and Soloman is unreal, so definitely check that out when you are here. And if you want to see turtles, Maho is the spot. Stick to the right side if you are looking at the water.

Speaking of my island tours, I would love to show you all around on your next trip! Whether it be your first or your tenth trip, I guarantee you will learn something new, see something new and have an overall great day. Dates for the fall/winter are booking up fast, so please secure your day soon if you plan to tour with me. You can learn more at www.newsofstjohn.com/islandtour (I would LOVE to meet you all!)

So you may be wondering what the island looks like? Well it looks great!! The drought is over, and the island is so green! We in the midst of a small tropical wave now, which means rain and some wind, so it will be even greener and more lush in just a week or so. And the flowers… my goodness, they just look great, especially the flamboyant trees. You should really come and see them for yourself… Book a trip here!

Let’s move on over to Cruz Bay. The Beach Bar and Joe’s Rum Hut remain closed, but there’s lots of promise! Work at the Rum Hut is underway and we hear that things at The Beach Bar will be revving up very soon. Such great news!

Now on over to Coral Bay… cleanup continues and the majority of the restaurants remain open. The fence at the cemetery was being repaired yesterday, which was such a nice sight to see. The old Island Blues property still remains in shambles and really needs to be cleaned up by the property owner. It’s an eyesore and the residents of Coral Bay deserve better. They worked really hard to fix their community and it’s unfortunate that this one property looks so bad. Hopefully things change there soon.

So as you can see (or read!), things are great here. St. John is just as beautiful as it always was. But don’t take my word for it, come and see it for yourself…

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  1. Considering the cost to rent a beach house on the NJ, MD or DE shore, STJ is sort of a good deal for us as long as we can get decent airfare 🙂

  2. We just returned from 10 days in paradise. Jenn is spot in with her comments. The island is very busy so restaurant reservations would be recommended. Get to beaches early due to parking issues, especially Maho and Trunk. Maho is loaded with beautiful turtles and rays….on the right side of the beach towards Francis Bay. We actually saw a Hawksbill turtle at the rocky point at the edge of Maho and Francis! Also many turtles and rays over at Hansen Beach towards the rocks on the left. Great weather with perfectly timed rain showers to keep everything green. They pulled Lime Out for the season but we had the opportunity to float around there last week before they closed. Great place!

  3. Jenn, my wife and I are here now, staying on hillside above Coral Bay, totally agree with your comment about cleanup. Don’t know the owner’s reasons for no action, but it’s been almost 2 years. We visit every year about this time and we are ecstatic about the recovery of the reefs. Every beach we have snorkelled, we have seen so much new growth. We leave on Thursday, but my mind is already planning next year’s trip.

  4. Just a quick note of thanks from those of us who are on the mainland. Your blog is a great source of information and news on what’s happening on the island right now, and it really helps to keep us in touch with how the island has come back from the hurricanes.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi Jenn. Great as always. Just wondering though…as ATL John would suggest, restaurant reservations and early beach access recommended…is there a real defined and noticeable “low season” on island. Welcome news for all if not.

  6. As usual, spot on comments. I was not prepared for how busy the island is. Parking can be difficult unless you get there early or later. Shade is an issue. The island is very green and I’d have to give a shout out to salt pond. Absolutely incredible. Facing the water to the left just around the first or 2nd point it just gets amazing. It’s a long drive from the Cruz Bay side but so glad I did it.

  7. Island blues isn’t still owned by that lady who ran “six paq scuba” right? I’d imagine not since she pretty much ran island blues into the ground as well a couple years prior to the storm..This was back in 2013 or so

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