A New Villa Blog Debuts

View from Windswept Villa
View from Windswept Villa

For those of you who can’t get enough of St. John, there’s a new villa blog in town.

Lori S. of New York recently purchased Windswept, a four-bedroom villa in Estate Hard Labor in Coral Bay. Closing on the house last Friday, Lori decided to create a blog about her experiences in becoming a homeowner on St. John.

“After a long time thinking about it, and a crazy weekend of looking, we made an offer on a house on the island of St John in the USVI,” Lori wrote on the blog. “The offer was accepted and now we have a house…. The house needs work…. and so this blog is the ‘story’ of our renovation process as we prepare the house for friends, family and eventually renters (if we ever get that far!)”

In her first post, Lori admits that the house “had issues” but even she was surprised about some of the findings during her first few days as a St. John homeowner. Did you know that rodents like to gnaw on kitchen cabinets? Neither did I.

The blog is called HardLaborSTJ – Renovating a House … Let the Hijinks Begin. Sounds like it will be a good one. Check it out here.

6 thoughts on “A New Villa Blog Debuts”

  1. Blogs, to me are to “B”….. Bitch or Boast. If you’re Bitching about the work you must do in your ST. JOHN VILLA, I don’t want to hear about it. If you’re Boasting about the work you want to do in your ST. JOHN VILLA, I don’t want to hear about that either. I perform daily maintenance and projects on my own home in the States (The cold, snowy states) every day without announcing it. Why? Because I know NOBODY CARES. Just be thankful and grateful you have ANYWHERE to live on this beautiful island. Maybe some day my wife and I will be fortunate enough to do the same. But I certainly won’t be writing about it.

  2. http://www.islandscreech.com
    I read that you want to kick out your shower. Our new business is all about tile and tile designs, back splashes for sinks and stoves. We are part time residents of the U.S.V.I staying on both St. Thomas and St. John 8 weeks a year.We live in MA. and sell to galleries,resorts and restaurants on the islands. we can take a photo and transfer a permanent image on a tile and make it as large as your shower or as small as a refrigerator magnet (turtle, mermaid, schooner, anything) let us know when you’ll be on Island again please. We’re going in May. I think this would be cool for you and another opportunity for us.

    Dan Frary
    Island Screech Studios

  3. My wife and I Took a “adventure” like yours 5 years ago just a mile south of you and survived . we vote sliders . Visitors just can not handle french door screens for some reason . It is like they turn off their brain as soon as they step off ferry dock . GOOD IDEAS: 1) always say “good morning” etc. local custom you will grow into 2) find a local electrician,plumber and carpenter you trust 3) Go to “open mike” on Mondays at CAFE CONCORDIA from 4:30 to 6:30 . 4) learn to understand expression “soon come” .

    • wow … beach bum and Jane, — yeah – I lived in NY but I am New England bred – and no I wasn’t bitching – nor boasting — you guys have issues ! LOL– and all these years later I must too since feel compelled to respond to you !

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