A New Breakfast & Lunch Option On Island

A New Breakfast & Lunch Option On Island 1

Well folks, this is great news to share today! For those of you finding yourselves out in Coral Bay in the morning hours, there is a new spot to grab breakfast and a mini lunch… How exciting!

Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis is now open from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday. They’re dishing up a variety of breakfast dishes like eggs, omelets, pancakes, grits and more. Looking for a quick lunch bite or want to take a sandwich to the beach? She has that too! They are offering a few light sandwiches and soup too!

Here is a menu that was posted on Facebook yesterday:

A New Breakfast & Lunch Option On Island 2
Image credit: Susan Silverman

Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis is located across from the water and just before The Danforth and Aqua Bistro in Coral Bay. It is also open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday. It is also the parking area for Lime Out, which recently relocated to Coral Bay. Guests can park at Oasis’s parking lot and take a boat shuttle to Lime Out. That cost is now $13 per person (shuttle and parking fee).

Oasis also hosts several fun events. Each Wednesday – tonight included – it hosts a trivia event with all trivia proceeds supporting a different charity. You can come with a team or bring a team, and prizes are awarded. From what I have heard from friends, it’s a great time.

That’s it for today, folks. We love Karen, the owner of Oasis, and we hope you all stop by and support these businesses the next time you’re in Coral Bay. Have a great day everyone!

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