St. John Teen Featured on The Voice; Goes Through to Next Round

Well folks, this is pretty exciting. St. John was featured on Monday night’s version of The Voice. Allegra Miles, daughter of Raf and Thia Muilenberg, appeared as part of the show’s blind auditions. Her performance was so good that she was chosen to move ahead to the next round.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Voice, it currently features Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Jon Legend and Blake Shelton as coaches. Contestants initially audition in front of the judges, whose backs are turned, hence the term “blind auditions.” If one judge chooses the contestant, that judge becomes his or her coach. If more than one coach chooses the contestant, the contestant then gets to decide who he or she wants to work with.

During Allegra’s blind audition Monday night, both Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas turned their chairs, asking to be her coach. Allegra ultimately chose to work with Nick Jonas.

Allegra, 17, was raised here on St. John and grew up in Coral Bay. She moved to Florida when she was 11 and currently lives in West Palm Beach. Her grandparents – Peter & Dorothy Muilenburg – were St. John residents for more than 40 years.

Allegra’s audition featured footage filmed right here on St. John. We uploaded it to YouTube, and NBC Universal pulled it down. Boo to that! So unfortunately we cannot share that portion with you. But we can share her performance that was uploaded by The Voice. Check it out:

What a voice!

Allegra will next compete in the Battle Rounds, and will be featured again on The Voice. We will let you all know when that is set to air.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day everyone! Reach for the stars!

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  1. Bravo. Her voice is gorgeous, so original and affecting, even aching in this particular song. She is intelligent and gracious,
    evident from her responses to the many compliments she received from the judges-cum-artists. Not surprising, of course,
    from her very fine family.

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