A Few Minutes with… Thalia, Owner of Hansen Bay Beach

A Few Minutes with... Thalia, Owner of Hansen Bay Beach 1
Thalia owns Hansen Bay beach on St. John’s East End.

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Today we’re continuing our new “A Few Minutes with…” feature, and we’re back out on the East End. Earlier this month, we introduced you to Ash, the owner of Saltwell Bottom beach on St. John’s East End. Well today, we’d like to introduce you to Thalia.

Thalia and her family own Hansen Bay beach, which is also located on St. John’s East End. Thalia has opened her beach to the public, allowing us all to enjoy her little piece of island paradise. But rather me tell you about it, I am going to let Thalia tell you about it. Please click the play button below to listen.

As we mentioned above, Thalia’s beach is gorgeous. It’s definitely worth the drive out to the East End. Or even better, we can take you there on an island tour!

Want to see how beautiful this beach is for yourself? Check out this quick video we made…


12 thoughts on “A Few Minutes with… Thalia, Owner of Hansen Bay Beach”

  1. We went to Hansen just this past week and met Thalia! She was such a gracious host and made our stay there fantastic. Had no idea that she owned the land but happy to have met her and experienced Lime Out via her kayak as well.

    • Robyn, we were also out there (we went on Thurs. Dec. 12th). We probably just missed you guys! Our first time at Hansen Bay Beach and really enjoyed it. We rented a kayak and enjoyed lunch/drinks at Lime Out, then snorkeled the bay and out to Pelican Rock. A great day, and enjoyed meeting Thalia and Dunia (sp?). Of course STJ is so small that we ran into them the next night at Aqua Bistro for Ponzu Tuna night!

  2. I had no idea Hansen was owned! We spent a day last October there and had a fantastic time (pre-Lime Out, unfortunately 🙁 ) Thank you, miss Thalia, for allowing us to enjoy your little slice of heaven! And please, all visitors, respect her ownership and help keep it pristine!!

    • We have met Thalia several times and she is awesome! You can feel how much she cares about her guests, their safety, their experience and u can tell how much she cares about STJ. That is why we go back! Not only is it a beautiful beach with fun things to see and do, but we enjoy always getting to say hello to Thalia and in hearing what is new. The water is just amazing there. It had to be 85 degrees this past Nov. Lime Out is super cool. Yummy tacos and really nice staff. You MUST boat out to Lime Out tho – you are Not permitted to swim up to it. We rented Kayak from Thalia and were there in 4 min. The little area Thalia has set up to lounge in under her big tree is super cozy and inviting also. The beach is fantastic! I would suggest wearing water shoes as it is a bit rocky especially if ur tender footed or have diabetes or just have sensitive feet, but its still fantastic and the sand is that super soft white sand. Bring an umbrella for shade if u want it – or just stay in the water. Just mentioned umbrella for those who may be restricted in being in sun too long. Bottom line – you just cannot go to STJ and not visit Thalia and Hansen Bay Beach and have lunch at Lime Out! U will really regret it if u don’t get out there for a visit! Thank u Thalia for always a wonderful day there, for being such a wonderful and knowledgeable host, and for the hard work and love u put into making Hansen Bay Beach a special place for all of us to visit and enjoy! We feel the LOVE!

  3. We were there in early November and went to Hansen twice we enjoyed ourselves so much. I had some time to visit with Thalia and yes, she is a very gracious host!3
    There $3 parking for all day is very reasonable and they have plenty of picnic tables and chairs included.
    Beautiful beach with great snorkeling.
    We did not find most people on the island to be very friendly or welcoming however once we met Thalia that all changed, would highly recommend a visit there!

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