A Few Minutes with… Ash, Owner of Saltwell Bottom Beach

A Few Minutes with... Ash, Owner of Saltwell Bottom Beach 1 Ash & his family own Saltwell Bottom beach at Hansen Bay

There are so many amazing people who live here on St. John. Many were born and raised here, while others chose to relocate and make this island their home. For awhile now, I’ve wanted to share their stories with you. But truthfully, I’m a bit apprehensive about writing profiles. So I decided to try something different.

Today we’re introducing a new little thing here at News of St. John called “A Few Minutes with…” In these segments, we’re simply going to spend a few minutes with someone we find cool, interesting or unique. We’re starting with our friend Ash.

I introduced you all to Ash back in October when I mentioned how he was opening his family’s beach up to the public, so we can all enjoy the sand, the captivating views or even take a quick paddle out to Lime Out. His family owns a gorgeous stretch of land out on St. John’s East End known as Saltwell Bottom beach. Ash is welcoming, kind and has an infectious smile. Yesterday, I drove out to the East End to spend A Few Minutes with Ash…

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He truly is a wonderful person. I hope you all take the drive out east one day, so you can see for yourselves.

Now I’m sure you heard the waves crashing in the background while Ash and I chatted. Here’s a video to show you how gorgeous his family’s beach is. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “A Few Minutes with… Ash, Owner of Saltwell Bottom Beach”

  1. Ash really is a nice gentleman. We stayed on the East End in October and due to a cement truck blocking the road were unable to get back to our Villa for several hours. My friends wanted to go to Lime Out so we went to Ash’s and they rented kayaks. Not only did he allow us to come back and pay him after the road reopened but he entertained me with stories and the history of STJ while they were enjoying Lime Out. Truly was a great experience and such a kind man. We were happy to see his big happy smile every day when we were out and about. Our visit to Saltwell Bottom was one of my favorites experiences on beautiful STJ.

  2. Too funny, we were at Hansen Bay beach yesterday. We paid to park with Thalia $6 (wife & I). Rented a tandem kayak $30 for 2 hrs. Enjoyed Lime Out then a really nice snorkel to the left & out to Pelican Rock. We must have been there at the same time you were! When we left we did drive past Saltwell Bottom Beach and met Ash and asked him about his beach. He did say no parking fee and kayaks are $15 per hour. Both beaches are great options to enjoy Hansen Bay.

  3. I hope the interviews with locals becomes a regular feature. As long as I have been coming and as much as I love it,I admit that I don’t know as much about St John’s local history as I should.

  4. I think this is a great idea to feature Virgin Islanders and their businesses. We need to support our people. I’ve known Ash all of my life, he is honest and he loves the people and our beloved Virgin Islands!

    • “By law, all beaches aren public property and open for the use of all persons. However, except by boat, some beaches may be accessible only by crossing private property…which isn’t allowed without the owner’s permission. The “open beach” strip is from the low tide line to the line of vegetation or 50 feet inland”. From: Meet the Virgins… The Settler’s Handbook for the USVI. Ed: Gloria Borne, Megnin Publications, St. Croix, 1992 p. 113

  5. Love this idea for a continuing segment. So much history is learned from those who either have lived it or know the island history. We had the honor to have several conversations with Guy Benjamin before he passed away. I learned so much from him about the island. One day these great islanders will be sadly gone & it will be nice to have their stories on video/tape/written about.

  6. Do not visit Saltwell beach. We stopped and were told parking was free and a donation was asked to use the beach. After being there for a half hour a woman shows up hollowering that using her chairs was $5 for each and $10 for the umbrella. In addition they have no restroom facilities. Hanson is much better.

    • Parking is free. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to pay a small fee to use someone’s chairs and umbrellas on their property.

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