Wagapalooza pictures, puppies and people

Waga_1 A barking good time was had at the Winston Wells ball field Saturday night at the Animal Care Center's annual Wagapalooza.

The island-wide 'talent' and 'dress up' show for cats and dogs brought out hundreds of people and their pets.

Bob Schlesinger of Tropical Focus Photography was on hand for the fun. See more of Bob's work at http://www.stjohnweddingphotographer.com/.

A fan of big dogs, the Inquiring Iguana was taken with the big fellow on the pretty girl's lap.  Scheslinger reports the dog is 'Hoss,' competing in the Best Lap Dog competition.
Waga_3 Bobi Stallbaumer's
big boy held the title in the 2008 and 2009 shows, but lost this weekend to this fella.

There's a photo album with lots of Schlesinger's Wagapalzooa pictures here.

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