24 hours of St. John

'Weather Weirdness’ appeared in force this weekend on the mainland.  Four days of rain from the Carolinas to Canada and eight inches of snow in State College, Pa.

In October! The calendar says winter doesn’t begin for another month. Is it time to dream about St. John, already???

Well, in case you need some shots shot of sun and sand, here’s a gimmick the folks at Villa Serendipity have done.  And I am jealous because it’s a great promotion for their rental villa.  (The Inquiring Iguana’s favorite villa is Blue Tang.  🙂

Ya gotta give Serendipity credit for putting this together … a video mash-up of about 13 hours (October 14th, from 5:50 AM to 7:06 PM) of their Webcam's stills overlooking Chocolate Hole. Watch for the rainbow
at 8:00 AM. Click the watch in HD button for better results,

9 thoughts on “24 hours of St. John”

  1. What’s even cooler is that I can see my house and check to see if my cistern is being filled. I check it out every day.
    thanks Serendipity!!!

  2. Fantastic, thank you so much. I admit to being a Villa Serendipity Cam addict. This full day time lapse is a real tropical fix.
    I hope Vern’s cistern gets filled!

  3. This is great! I look at the webiste almost every day to see the weather…..I also rent Villa Vistareo which is on the hill looking over Rendevous Bay , Dittlif Pt. aND cHOCO hOLE. I COULD SIT ON THE DECK ALL DAY AND WATCH THE CLOUDS ROLL BY!
    Thanks for putting this together….can’t wait to get back to STJ!

  4. Hey, State College, PA made the News of St John newsletter!! Yes, we had an historic snowfall last week. Just makes that trip to St John coming up in about 4 short months all that much more anticipated. 8 Tuff Miles here we come.

  5. Great video!! I can’t see my house (Villa Colorado) cause it’s over the hill looking out on Great Cruz Bay, but I hike the road across the “Hole” almost every morning. Most people see the sunsets, but I like the Sunrise the BEST!! Thanks again!!!

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