18th century plantation found

A plantation discovered in 1981, and then forgotten, has been found again by archaeologist Ken Wild and Amber Davis of the VI Cultural Resources Management Team. The location was not revealed. 

Writing on the team’s blog, Davis said, "The plantation consists of three structures – the main residence, the enslaved quarters and the warehouse."  (The picture is from their blog.) Davis and Wild found ceramic fragments near the site of a type known to be in use 375 years ago.

The plantation was included on a St. John map prepared by Peter Lotharius Oxholm in 1780. In 1981, Barbara Johnson found the site, but then it was forgotten, Davis reported. Understandably, she and Wild were pleased with their find – especially since they’d spent an entire day chopping catch and keep and cutting cacti in their search.  The celebrated with a burger at Skinny’s.

Here’s an Oxholm map on the St. John Historical Society’s Web site.  Very interesting.

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