Poll: Do you take your laptop to St. John?

More and more villas are offering Wi-Fi access now, so do you take advantage of it?  Responses to this question on the USVI On-Line Forum were about half and half: from"I’m on vacation! No way!" to "My husband would be a zombie without it."

Most often cited reason for bringing a laptop: to dump digital photos at the end of the day and so be prepared for more shooting the next.  Some also said that checking e-mail while you’re away makes "re-entry" to the job less stressful because hundreds of messages haven’t piled up.  What about you?

I take my laptop to St. John:
To do e-mail.
To transfer digital photos.
To read news back home.
To blog when I’m on island.
To check island restaurants.
To write trip notes
No Way!
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A word of caution.  If you do bring your laptop, a wire cable lock is a good idea to bring, too, to help insure you’ll be able to take your laptop home, too.  Most villas have safes, but some aren’t big enough for computers, so you’ll have to find someplace to secure your laptop and lock.

3 thoughts on “Poll: Do you take your laptop to St. John?”

  1. I’m an attorney in a solo practice. It’s either bring my laptop so I can stay in touch with clients, or not go to STJ. Given that choice, the decision to bring the laptop is an easy one.

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