Yapta: your new best online friend

About a month ago, I signed up with Yapta.com, a free service which watches airfares and alerts you when they change. 

Its main claim to fame is alerting you when the price of a plane ticket you’ve already bought drops enough that it makes sense for you to rebook the trip and get a refund, even though you’ll have to pay a "change" fee.

So, I was watching Washington/Dulles to St. Thomas for next winter and Yapta e-mailed me when the fare dropped – to a price $100 less than I paid last winter.  I jumped on the deal. 

This weekend, just for grins, I checked Yapta to see where the price is now.  Whoa!  The graphic, at left, tells the story. The price more than doubled in less than a week.

If you haven’t booked for next winter, but perhaps even more importantly, if you already have … it’s a good idea to put Yapta to work for you now.

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