World’s Best Ferry Ride?

Daily STJ February 26 2014

I’ve always thought that the ferry ride from Red Hook to St. John was one of the best ferry rides in the world. Why? Because it meant you were on your way to paradise. Well now our fabulous little 10-15 minute journey across Pillsbury Sound is officially famous, as it was just named one of the world’s best. Here are the details from Travel and Leisure magazine…

“It’s fitting that the passenger ferry to tranquil St. John, a lush island that’s 60 percent national park, departs not from bustling St. Thomas Harbor, one of the busiest Caribbean cruise-ship ports, but from quieter Red Hook on the eastern end of the island. After passing a number of tiny tree-covered islands during a calm four-mile 20-minute trip, the ferry pulls into Cruz Bay, a quiet village of one- and two-story buildings painted in pastel yellows, pinks, and sea-foam green and built in traditional island style with railings, doors, and shutters in bright and contrasting yellows and royal blues.”

Now we know that many of you have taken a ferry pic or two over time. Feel free to send your very best over to [email protected]. We may publish a few of the great ones.

ferry rainbow

3 thoughts on “World’s Best Ferry Ride?”

  1. The great ride from Cruz Bay to Red Hook was better when you could stop @ Bones Rum store and get a custom frozen daiquiri of your choice and strength and get on the ferry with it.

  2. Cyril King should get best airport arrival…from when you first see the water splashing on Kalkun Cay to the left on approach, to the burst of tropical air as you exit the plane, to the greeting shot of Cruzan as you enter the airport. I’ve never enjoyed any part of an airline flight until then.

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