Wish it would rain …

Phil Collins and the Temptations can sing all they want about rain, but St. John really wants more than lyrics – it wants water.

As the great Blog of Maho shows, parts of the island are brown.  Rainfall this year is only a third of normal … about two inches.


"One result of this is that we can't use the washing machines at the house we are renting," said Sunny-in-Salem. "They directed us to the laundromat, which is very nice and accommodating." 

"We had a record breaking DRY December and January," Melia4 posted on TripAdvisor. "So now with a normally dry Feb and March, we're in trouble."

"Lots of people are getting water delivered right now," said another local, StJohnJulie. "I've seen a bunch of water delivery trucks that I've never seen before, not sure where they are coming from."

Water 005

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