Why do tourists love Trunk Bay?

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magazine surveyed its readers online to find the Best Beaches in the World

Trunk Bay is 16th on the list.  Bahia Gardner in the Galapagos was ranked in first place.

Trunk came in second in the category of Wildlife Viewing“Trunk Bay is famous both for its marine life—an underwater snorkeling trail has signs to identify coral, sea urchins, and other fish—and the surrounding 7,000 acres of protected jungle,” the article said.

The VI Tourism Department applauded the magazine coverage saying, in a news release, it “reconfirms true attraction of our beaches and its importance to the territory’s tourism.”

The Inquiring Iguana is a little baffled by the high ranking of Trunk, however. Locals avoid the place because it’s where so many tourists go when they visit St. John for the day.  Apparently, tourists like to see other tourists.

6 thoughts on “Why do tourists love Trunk Bay?”

  1. baffled? I guess this is how living there makes you start taking things for granted.Trunk Bay is beautiful, and I’ve been to St John annually since 1981 and visited most , if not all of the other beaches. What you consider crowded (we go in June) is sparse compared to beaches back in the mainland. Trunk is still our favorite, especially early evenings…

  2. I’ve been to St John 4 times, and have not yet even set foot on the beach at Trunk Bay and I’ve never felt bad about not going. Should I have gone at least once by now? I love Salt Pond Bay for snorkeling and Francis Bay for hanging out and have never felt the need to hang out with the really touristy tourists.

  3. I live here and went to Trunk once on vacation and once since I’ve lived here. Trunk Bay is beautiful but no more so than Cinnamon. The snorkel trail is a little sad because of the bleached and broken coral but sitting on the beach there is still one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  4. +1 for Trunk Bay beach
    why must it be one over the other? there are so many great beaches/bays, and have something great to offer.
    During our annual visit StJ (2 weeks mid-June), we tend to go to Trunk Bay about twice. Once on a non-crusie ship day, and another at around 3:30 (free, and parking lot empty) and stay to watch the sunset (and sometimes weddings).
    It is easy to see why Trunk Bay is famous – just take a look at it – it offers excellent scenery and unique geography.
    My secret fave is Salt Pond out to Blue Cobblestone, but that is not without effort – whereas Maho/Frances to Hawksnest is effortless.
    enjoy – life is good

  5. I live here and I love Trunk especially from August thru November. No swells and the water is the perfect temperature. Blow in about 3pm and use the showers just before they close at 4:30. There’s nothing better than a fresh cool shower right after swimming and laying on the beach rather than waiting until you get home. Convenient cheap eats if you need them with drinks available. Easy parking and a yearly pass for $10. What’s not to like?!
    As for the tourists, it doesn’t hurt being around folks that are so happy to be here, to see the wonder in their eyes. I still remember mine when I first saw Trunk from the road years ago. I drive North Shore all the time and I still pull over every time on my way back to Coral Bay.

  6. Trunk is the first beach we visit EVERY time we vacation on STJ…and we’ve been coming for the past ten years…Yes, its special because my husband and I were married there but it is one of the most beautiful beaches we ever been on…we’ll be making our traditonal stop while we’re there in June for our ten year anniversary and looking forward to it…

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