Who is the condo developer?

The Washington Post reported that a St. Croix-based company, trading as Atlantic Northstar LLC, spent heavily, and unsuccessfully, to persuade the  District of Columbia’s city council to approve slot machine gambling in the nation’s capitol.  That is the same name of the company which is asking for permission to develop condos overlooking Rendezvous Bay.

Thye newspaper said "Atlantic Northstar … pumped nearly $300,000" into a political action committee to win approval for slots. "Atlantic Northstar directly paid dozens of D.C. residents hundreds of dollars for circulating petitions in December. The firm also delegated administrative tasks for the PAC to a variety of Scott employees in the Virgin Islands, among them Hoolae Paoa, a Hawaiian man who has a 21-year criminal history, including convictions for assault and felony theft," the Post reported ((http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A11195-2005Feb9?language=printer). 

There is, however, no confirmation the Rendezvous Bay-related Atlantic Northstar LLC  is the same as the St. Croix firm cited by the Post.

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