What’s in store for St. John in 2011?

Lots of people begin a new year with predictions.

Idle the Iguana, at the St. John Source, is more charitable, offering "Idle Wishes for 2011".

Idle included all three islands on the wish list of wishes. For St. John, specifically:

  • "The other day, I hopped over to St. John. My goodness, how about:
  • "– a solution to Cruz Bay's never-ending parking woes.
  • "– continued dry weather so Coral Bay's hillsides don't keep slip-sliding away.
  • "– St. Thomas-based government officials to do what St. John residents want when it comes to development, not what they think is best."

You can read all of Idle's wishes here.

4 thoughts on “What’s in store for St. John in 2011?”

  1. I wish for large (eye sore) type development to stop on St. John for fear the island will loose its quaint charm.

  2. I fully agree with you, Janine. Have been going to St. John for 21 years and have seen many, many changes.. many not for the better.
    We began going to St. John for its “quaint charm”.
    Cathy – Long Island, NY

  3. Each year we visit I see two areas of improvement needed for St. John. First, is an extensive clean up of garbage littering the island. It is disappointing to see how much trash (bottles, cans, etc.) is discarded roadside in the brush throughout the island. Second, is an improved recycling system. It’s a shame such an eco-friendly island makes it at times so difficult to recycle. Recycling should be the norm, not the exception.

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