What are you Thankful for?

What are you Thankful for?

Good Morning and Happy Cyber Monday to you all!  As the holiday craziness settles in, I wanted to take a moment to share some things that gave me a bit of peace over this weekend.  The weather here has been perfect, the water like glass and the full moon rising last night did not disappoint!

What are you Thankful for? 1
At Honeymoon Bay last night the golden hour was stunning.


What are you Thankful for? 2
The sunset to follow did not disappoint either. Per usual, pictures don’t do it justice!


What are you Thankful for? 3
The full moon rising over Caneel was gorgeous!


What are you Thankful for? 4
I took a few fun little field trips last week and have a ton of news to share later this week!

I sure am grateful for these views!  I’m also thankful that the end of 2020 is now on the horizon line.  What are you grateful for?

I have a lot of VERY exciting things I am working on to share with you this week, so make sure to check back daily.  I hope you all had an amazingly beautiful holiday weekend!

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