Westin Utilizing Technology to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Westin St JohnThe Westin has implemented some pretty cool technology aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. The resort now uses a unique feedback system in which guests are encouraged to leave comments, both positive and negative, via a voicemail at any point during their stay. Guests are asked three simple questions: What is the Westin doing right; which employees have provided outstanding service; and what can the Westin do better?

The answers are immediately converted to text messages and emailed out to management. The Westin is hoping this new technology will help improve guest satisfaction while reducing potential problems during a guest’s stay.

Here’s an example of how this technology works:

One guest recently left a voicemail about the service they received during a child’s birthday celebration. That message was immediately passed along to management, and for the rest of that child’s trip, he received extended birthday wishes from all of the Westin staff. Pretty neat if you ask us.

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  1. The article on Centerline Road had no place for comments, so I am posting it here.
    I find it difficult to believe that “any contractor” can do this job. Do properly repair Centerline will require the sort of careful planning and construction that can only be done by highly trained and experienced highway engineers. Centerline is THE major highway on St. John, the only viable access route to and from Coral Bay, East End and the Salt Pond and Lameshur areas of the island for emergency vehicles, construtions trucks. Federal highway professionals need to be involved in this reconstruction project from the beginning.

    The job cannot be entrusted to Joe Contractor. Bring in the Feds!

  2. Every year that I have stayed at the Westin there’s one thing that never gets fixed no matter the comments given to management and that is the “hot” tub near the pool. 1. It is not a “hot” tub, but a “lukewarm” tub. 2. It is a kiddie pool (please stop allowing children to use the pool even with an adult guardian present). 3. The jets don’t work properly and only barely move the water (basically just circulation).

    When I have inquired about this I always get the same responses: 1. “We can’t keep it as hot as a normal hot tub because children use it.” -My response, don’t let children under 16 use it at all. The adults are the ones who have muscle spasms and would like a “hot” tub to use in the morning and evening after exercise or swimming in the cool pool.
    2. “We ordered a part to repair it, but it won’t be in until next week, how long are you here?” -My response, “I leave at the end of this week, of course.” And, that’s what I was told last time, you must have a lot of parts and they always come in “next week”.
    3. “We thank you for notifying us about this issue and we will make sure the problem is addressed.”

    So, does anyone know if the “hot” tub at the Westin is now working properly, it’s hot, it has water jets that actually work and it’s not being played in by kids? I’ll be there in July and will report here if there’s been any improvement with the Westin’s “hot” tub.

  3. Can anyone confirm that the Westin will be renovating the pool and beachfront rooms beginning in August. I’ve heard there’s a $12 million renovation to occur starting this year and going through next year? Also, heard they will then possibly turn more rooms into timeshare units until there’s about 20% hotel rooms/80% timeshares. That would pretty much kill anybody’s future chance of using normal Starwood points to get award stays. I’m glad Scrub Island allows Marriott/Ritz points. We’ll be staying there this year for the first time.

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