Westin to dump tons of sand on the beach

It's been six months, but the Westin Resort has still not recovered entirely from the wind and rain and water and erosion wrought by Hurricane Otto last October.

While the grounds and buildings have been repaired and improved, the beach is still a problem.  

The resort's management has now gotten approval from St. John Coastal Zone Management Committee to "renourish" the beach, the St. John Source reported.

Beach(Westin Resort photo)

CZM member Gerry Hills, was quoted saying the resort wants to bring in 1,700 cubic yards of sand.   According to Wiki Answers, that much sand would weight nearly 2,300 tons.

Visitors should not take this as any indication the Westin beach and waterfront isn't suitable.  The resort would like the drop off in the water to be more gradual.

The Westin also asked for, and received, permission to set up event tents several times a year.  CZM said okay but said the tents will have to be taken down by noon the day after they are used.

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