Westin Construction Update

westin 5
Beachside room construction as seen from Great Cruz Bay

We’ve gotten a lot of emails about the construction that’s been going on at the Westin. Well, we wanted to see what it was like firsthand, so we checked ourselves in for a couple of nights last week. (This was purely for investigative journalism purposes and had nothing to do with room service opportunities. Really, we swear.)

Our thoughts – it wasn’t that bad. But on the other hand, we can see why people might be frustrated if they waited quite some time to set out on a perfect St. John vacation only to realize that a large part of the resort is under construction. Here are the details:

Construction started last August and is expected to continue through January 2014. Buildings 10 through 16 are being extensively renovated. These are the beachside and poolside rooms. This area is currently surrounded by green fencing and is closed off from the public. When we were on site, they were re-roofing some of these buildings in addition to other work.

The pool and Snorkels Bar & Grill closed last month for renovations and this area is also cordoned off with green fencing. As a result, the Westin set up a few tents on the beach in which staff were on hand to dole out towels and such. There was also a makeshift Snorkels “bar” where guests could purchase beer or a rum punch. The staff members were very nice and very helpful, and all of the guests we encountered seemed happy despite the inconvenience.

The bright side regarding the pool renovation is that it is slated to be completed a bit sooner than the room renovation. According to Westin staff, it is on schedule to reopen December 18.

So what about the noise? Obviously with any renovation, noise can become problematic. Just how problematic that is depends on the person. Yes, there was a bit of banging and what sounded like jackhammering from time to time, but in our opinion, it was not horrible. But again, it really depends on the person.

Here are a few more images to give you a better idea of the current state of the renovations:

westin 4
Beachside room construction as seen from Building 21
Westin 1
Tents set up on the beach adjacent to the pool area
Close up of beachside room construction
Close up of beachside room construction
Pool renovation
Pool deck renovation
Westin Resort Map
Westin resort map

If you have any specific questions on the renovations, you can contact the Westin directly by clicking this link.


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  1. These are very exciting times @ The Westin Resort St John as the property evolves into what will surely be a five star luxury resort! Surprisingly, none of the renovations really posed much of an imposition to us during our recent two week stay. Granted the closure of the main pool and Snorkels Bar & Grill were a bit disappointing, but the staff of the Westin has made every effort to accommodate guests…. Lots of beach activities, beach bar with scheduled tasting s..and so much more ..and in the end, any day on St John is better than a day anywhere else!

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