Virtual Vacation: Klein Bay

Hello everyone, and welcome to the middle of the week! Today’s Virtual Vacation will bring you all to a lesser-known spot on the island’s south shore. Klein Bay is located about 10 minutes from Cruz Bay and is a small bay within Rendezvous Bay. It’s a beautiful place. See for yourselves…

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Now I understand that many of you are curious when travelers will be able to return to the island, so you can enjoy these beautiful views for yourselves. While the Governor has not indicated when that announcement will come, it is expected to occur later or tomorrow. We will share that information with you as soon as we receive it. In the meantime, have a wonderful day everyone!

St. Johnopoly: It’s just like being on St. John… when you can’t be. 🙂

St. Johnopoly is just like the traditional Monopoly game, but it is completely customized for St. John. If you would like a bit of St. John to arrive at your doorstep, order yours at www.newsofstjohn.com/stjohnopoly

8 thoughts on “Virtual Vacation: Klein Bay”

  1. Thanks Jenn. We were upgraded to a villa on Klein Bay the spring after the hurricanes and loved that location. We spent several afternoons on that bay fishing and collecting shells and promising ourselves we would get kayaks on our next visit and make it over to that beautiful Ditliff Point beach, which I think is public if you arrive by water. Well last year we were at Chocolate Hole and never made it back but were determined to do it this year. We were scheduled to return after two weeks yesterday so this memory made my day. Love these virtual tours.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. My two year old song watched it and then he keeps asking for more…we watch your YouTube channel on repeat these days since he keeps saying “I go in beach. I go in water.” ❤️ Looking forward to some news from your Governor in the upcoming afternoon or tomorrow. Loving your virtual tours. Making me and my kiddos smile!

  3. Thank you Jenn! I was supposed to arrive on island yesterday for my annual visit. It would have been my 24th visit. It is breaking my heart that I can’t be there!

  4. Hi, I’m Pablo, from Argentina … in the 90s, I met St Jhon, on vacation, and fell in love with his beautiful island. For me, traveling there is a huge effort, since the economy of my country is the worst ….. I have been three times already, the last in 2015, I live thinking about its beaches, its beautiful sunsets , with fishing in Hannaber, every day of my next vacation … Paradise exists, and it’s called St Jhon !!!!!

  5. Again absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing and so needed as a break from the doom and gloom of the media.

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