Villa rentals help St. John children


Three years ago, Bruce Claflin had an idea.  

The result was Kids First!, a VI based non-profit that supports education on St. John.  

He calls it a creative marketing program to promote island villas to renters, particularly those who are repeat guests on the island and have formed a deep attachment to St. John.  Participating villa owners agree to donate two percent of gross rental income to Kids First!

It’s a win-win situation. Renters know that at no additional cost to themselves, their rental of a villa will directly help the children of St. John.  Villa owners differentiate their rental properties from those that don’t participate, and the children of St. John benefit through the grants that are provided.   

There are currently 10 homes in the program which have been an important source of funding for the $130,000 of grants delivered by Kids First!.

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