Vie’s Snack Shack Closed For Good

Ms. Vie
Ms. Vie – March 2016

We heard the rumors, and now we can confirm that it’s true – Vie’s Snack Shack will not be reopening its doors this season. The popular East End spot has officially closed its doors after 36 years.

Ms. Vie stopped serving her famous fried chicken earlier this year, much to the dismay of many guests who made the trek out east specifically to see her. At the time she told us she was simply sick of cleaning up the grease. She continued to serve food last season, just of the grease-free variety.

A sign was recently posted on her snack shack alerting passersby of the closure. It also directs people to visit Haulover Bay, leading us to believe that she will no longer allow people to traverse her property to access that portion of Hansen Bay.


But no need to worry. For those of you who enjoy visiting Hansen, you can drive a bit past Ms. Vie’s and access it through the next property. We wrote about that fun little spot back in June. Click here to check it out. 

18 thoughts on “Vie’s Snack Shack Closed For Good”

  1. That’s a sad shame. Glad our family had the experience of eating at Vie’s. I understand though, there comes a time when you have to say, Got to go! Hope Vie enjoys her non-greasy retirement. God bless her!

  2. Very sad news. We went there for the first time in 1983. I wonder now that’s she’s retired if she’ll reveal her garlic chicken recipe. We’ve tried but never been able to duplicate it. She should do a cookbook ( and must include her conch fritters and fruit tarts). Enjoy your retirement Vie. Well deserved.

  3. So very glad I had years of enjoying your food and beach! So glad I had the opportunity to introduce my family to yours. I have been visiting you since I was 18 years old, I am now 51 years old. It is a sad day for St. John, I will drive by and remember all the good memories! God Bless you Vie for allowing us to be part of your life!

  4. May our Lord continue to bless her is correct. Vie is well known since l was a kid. She is a respectable lady and one on the few true born and breed local Virgin Islanders left on island and she is a former USVI Beauty pageant winner. I feel that her kids should pick up the established business as another one of St Johns locals the famous Miss Lucy’s relatives did. Dear Ms Lucy now have someone serve you good food with loving kindness:) You are much appreciated.

  5. This is truly an era passed. For us, East End was all about Vie and that marvelous chicken and Johnny Cakes (with honey), and her lovely beach. We certainly wish her happiness. I too would love to see her pass the recipes on to some deserving soul who would start serving the same food.

  6. Miss Vie, We want to thank you for allowing us to visit your beautiful beach. I was not fortune enough to have your famous garlic chicken but loved coming to your beach. I hope you would try an honor drop for your beach. I wish you happiness with your retirement. Bless you and your family

  7. I 2nd what Becky D said, try a honor donation drop box… some will not drop the suggested donation, but others will leave much more… I know for sure that I would leave a 20 to be able to park on your property and have use of your beach chairs! Someone on island please approach her with this idea!

  8. So bittersweet, this news. So happy to have had many happy experiences, but sad ,as she will be missed! Wishing you happiness in your retirement, Vie. Thanks for all of the wonderful food, conversation, and use of your land over the years.
    Smiles –

  9. Dear Vie,

    We feel so fortunate to have met you and to have had your wonderful home-cooked meals over the years. You will be sorely missed, as will your scrumptious food! The East End just won’t be the same without you. We wish you the best as you enter your retirement.

  10. Oh Ms Vie,
    My family has gone there for the past 19 years and it truly is the end of an era. I would pay big money for a cookbook!!!! Thanks for the memories!!!!

  11. Our family always enjoyed the trip to your beach and the food. We have so many great memories. We will miss you this year. Thank you and God bless.

  12. Wow, weren’t we lucky to have gotten to go to Ms. Vie’s last March on our first visit to St. John?! We came after the garlic fried chicken, but still, the lunch we had was wonderful and we were so looking forward to a return visit this year. Happy retirement! xo

  13. Great retirement wishes to Ms Vie. Our first trip there was in 1984 on our honeymoon. Ms Vie fed us well and let us use her beach. Vie’s Snack Shack was always a stop every time we visited the island ever since. God Bless and God speed.

  14. Many years ( 1984- 2014) of relaxing with the chickens at Vie’s. Especially loved the conch fritters. Did not realize Vie had retired until I was searching to see how people had fared with Irma. Hope you and your family are safe, and thanks for many great meals.

  15. So sad to come across this article to find that she closed, but we’re happy for her in making that decision prior to this hurricane season (assuming that the shack did not survive). Although we loved her garlic chicken and Johnny Cakes, for the last 10 years we mostly ordered her beans and rice dish. We loved it so much that we asked about her recipe and she told us how she made it! We think we’ve come close to replicating it at home, but always returned to her shack at least twice during any visit for the authentic dish. We will miss her snack shack and the simple access to the beautiful beach through her property. I hope she is doing well since hurricanes Irma and Marie. Much love.

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